What is an average Facebook Engagement Rate?

An average Facebook Engagement Rate is a simple measure to identify the relative engagement of a fan page to its fans. The Engagement changes on a regular basis and can increase or decrease depending on the relative activity of the page during the past week.

  • You can calculate the Facebook Engagement Rate with two figures published on every fan page.
  • Divide the number of talking about by the total number of likes x 100.
  • Facebook’s latest update is starting to remove the TTAB figure from pages.
  • Click here for Engagement Rate averages for January 2015


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Identify Facebook Engagament Rates for any Page

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 What Influences the Facebook Engagement Rate?

  • Each page will have a different engagement rate based on its size and relative activity during the past 7 days.
  • The average engagement rate therefore fluctuates daily.
  1. Presence – How often a page is updated. The more updates, the greater potential for interactions.
  2. Time – When the page is updated. Is the page being updated when the audience are most active?
  3. Type of update type – photos are more engaging than status updates.
  4. Response/Engagement – engagement is a two way street.
  5. Call to Action – asking for an action solicits greater response, e.g. “like this”

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How can you identify the factors influencing the page engagement rate

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