How to use Follower Exports for Twitter Ad Targeting

How to use Follower Exports for Twitter Ad Targeting

BirdSong Twitter Follower Exports can be used for ad Targeting using Twitter Tailored Audiences. Our standard follower exports will provide you with a .csv that can be uploaded to Twitter.

Here we present an overview of how to create a tailored audience using Twitter usernames.

The difference between Follower Targeting and Custom Audiences

Twitter’s standard audience targeting will target followers who are interested in that account and similar. Try our Twitter Analytics here.

Twitter Audience Targeting

It will not precisely target the followers of your chosen accounts.

With a Tailored audience you can specify whom you wish to target by providing a list of usernames

You will need to create a Tailored Audience using Twitter’s Audience Tools. Click here for instructions.

How to create a Tailored Audience

1. Go to

2. Create New Campaign or Edit Existing

New Twitter Campaign

3. In Targeting Select ‘Add Tailored Audiences’

Twitter Targeting

4. Choose your Tailored Audience
Tailored Audience Choice

5.  You can also select a tailored audience for exclusion. This could be an export of your own followers to ensure you are only targeting potentially new followers.

6. Set up your campaign and launch.