How to Analyze Instagram Hashtags

Learn how to analyze Instagram hashtags with the BirdSong Analytics master guide.

Use our Instagram Analytics to access key insights into hashtag performance on Instagram including engagement statistics, see which hashtags an account uses the most and how often they are liked and commented on.

How to Analyze Instagram Hashtags

Analyzing hashtags on Instagram is easy with BirdSong. As part of our Instagram Analytics, our social media tool is able to analyze hashtag performance for any public account, providing the must have metrics on one of social media’s most powerful social elements.

The # is fundamental to social media users, brand accounts, businesses, as well as for hashtag campaigns and Instagram contests. When it comes to analyzing hashtags, there are a number of variables to consider to determine performance. Furthermore, this includes:

  • Hashtag purpose: Was the hashtag part of a marketing campaign or competition?
  • Time frame: Have these hashtag always been posted about? or did the # last for a specific date range?
  • Hashtag type: Are the hashtags generic (e.g. #love) and universal? or has the hashtag been specifically created for your account or brand?

Analyzing Instagram Hashtags with BirdSong Analytics

With our Instagram Analytics, you can analyze Instagram hashtags to see their impact on social media for any publicly available account. Analyze your own account, your competitors, brands, and businesses to see how they are using hashtags, which ones they are using, and explore the performance of hashtags.

Our hashtag analysis will reveal the following data points:

  • Number of hashtags used in the account’s posts
  • The number of times most frequently used tags have been posted
  • Total number of likes and comments that hashtags receive
  • Average number of likes and comments that hashtags receive
  • A collection of most posted about hashtags
  • View posts for specific hashtags

analyze instagram hashtags

Henceforth, simply run a report on your chosen Instagram account, open the analytics report and click the ‘Hashtags’ tab to view the data. You can filter the date range to analyze Instagram hashtags for a specific period, for example, over the length of a campaign or contest, to access more representative and applicable results.

Click here for an Instagram Hashtag Analysis Demo Report.

BirdSong Instagram Analytics

Our Instagram Analytics offer much more than hashtag analysis. Analyze any public Instagram account to access to over 30 key metrics so you can optimize your own profile or explore accounts to see what is working for them and why. Use our social media analytics to help boost social media marketing efforts, analyze competitors, analyze contents and campaigns, as well as for advertising on the platform.

BirdSong Instagram Analytics provides the following data points:

analyze instagram hashtags

Click here to see our Instagram Analytics Demo Report.

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