How to use Twitter for Recruitment

With 313 million active users, harnessing Twitter for Recruitment can be a powerful way for companies, large or small, to expand their list of potential job candidates and for recruiters to not only find candidates but increase their client base and deliver value-add.

Recruitment success on Twitter is not as simple as firing off some Tweets, but with the right planning and knowledge, any business can turn Twitter into a valuable recruitment tool.

In this guide, we look at the challenges faced by companies and recruiters and how they can be harnessed for recruitment success.

Login with Twitter to read more about:

  • Finding the Right Candidates
  • Finding the Right Clients
  • Managing the Limited Resources of Time & Money

This guide is brought to you by BirdSong Analytics, the world’s leading ‘Pay as you Go’ social media analytics tool is already trusted by thousands of businesses for seeking candidates and growing awareness of recruitment businesses.


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Is Trump’s path to The White House paved by Twitter?

In November’s US election, Donald Trump is set to win almost every state, that is if the number of Twitter followers matched voting behaviour.

Social Insights provider, BirdSong Analytics has analysed all the followers of the official Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Twitter accounts to identify the location of their followers. In total, over 13.6 million accounts were analysed to find which US state users say, in their Twitter biography, they are located in.


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