Snapchat just launched a Platform

Snapchat has effectively launched as its own platform with their latest updates. In a stark shift away from disposable updates, the Snapchat platform now encourages users to dwell and consume content from major partners including MTV and allows for further brand engagements courtesy of the introduction of their new ‘Discover’ feature.

Snapchat Platform


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Tesco Facebook Insights in the press

Tesco Facebook activity has been in the spotlight this week with insights from BirdSong.

The retail giant has the largest Facebook Fan base of any UK supermarket but lacks behind in its average engagement.

Update: Since the publication of our insights, Tesco’s fan engagement has improved, now currently averaging 1.9%.


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How will the new Twitter layout impact brands?

The latest Twitter update brings its design more in line with Facebook, positioning the social network in closer competition with both FB and networks like Tumblr and or more traditional blogs.

New Twitter Layout

We believe this move could be good for consumers, as the network pushes for greater reasons to dwell on Twitter and not leave, a model practiced by every search engine and social network before it.

“As headline growth starts to slow, this stickiness will help Twitter focus on generating more value from each user so we’d expect to see more statements about time spent on Twitter replace continued growth statements.”

From our Twitter insights we know that Photos generate huge levels of engagement. Bigger photos increase engagement. Combining the option for 4 photos in an update, a new header image and Twitter cards to embed extended content can provide the consumer with a much more engaging experience, more akin to a website than 140 character stream.

“Visually, this latest updates is a firm move away from 140 characters to a more engaging ‘multimedia’ experience that encourages the user to dwell longer on Twitter. The inclusion of Twitter cards and tweets and RT’s in one stream will all help twitter become more of a destination than thoroughfare.”

However Twitter’s desire for stickiness may not work so well for brands keen to use Twitter as a traffic driver to their site.

Twitter Design Changes

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At BirdSong we continually work to identify elements that will impact the success of a brand’s Twitter presence. The latest updates from Twitter focus on content delivery. We know that content is still only as good as the audience it is delivered to, and when they are active to see it.

You can learn more about our Twitter Analytics here.


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Agency Perspective: How Big Brands use Social Media

How are big brands using social media? Are they engaging with the right audience at the right time?

Read Also: How the New Twitter Layout will impact brands.

Award Winning Digital Agency Noisy Little Monkey incorporates BirdSong insights into their presentation, ‘How Big Brands Use Social Media‘ identifying gaps where brands could be achieving better connection with their audience and using smarter understanding of content and timing to achieve a greater sense of community.


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