New Update: Offline Reports

Our latest update brings you rich offline reports for network in one place.

With one click, the PDF report will now give you the full report analysis and graphs for offline analysis. Our Post/Tweet exports and follower/following exports will contain all the additional data needed for those looking to dig deeper into the data.

You can find the PDF reports available on all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reports with YouTube updating soon.


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New Facebook Insights

We are delighted to release a huge new update for our Facebook Insights.

Listening to feedback, there were some fundamentals everyone needed:

The ability to change the date range for insights. You can now gain insights for all posts between your chosen dates. We analyse all posts since the page started so you can use this for snapshot reports or do a full, historical, monthly analysis. Facebook Insights by Month

Facebook Report PDF  Save to PDF or Print. Each report screen now has it’s own PDF button.

Use this to store an offline copy of your report or print it out.


Audience Analysis

Unlike Twitter, Facebook doesn’t provide a full list of Facebook Fans. We can however see the engaged fans – people that have liked, commented or shared on the Facebook page.

This report will show you what percentage of current fans are actively engaged with the page, what they like and who they are.

Posts to the Page 

We also know that not all page activity is from the page owner. We now identify the types of posts to page, from fans.

Facebook Post Engagement


The current reports have all had an upgrade to make them easier to read and quicker to gain insights. We still maintain the post exports to .csv for your own offline analysis.

If you just need to check engagement rates then try our Facebook Engagement Rate checker. Simply type in your Facebook page and we will tell you the latest engagement rate.

The latest Facebook Updates are just the start of the Summer updates, with further updates happening soon. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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Bespoke Social Media Analysis

Introducing Bespoke Reporting

We are delighted to roll out a new bespoke offering from BirdSong. Working with thousands of customers globally we frequently get asked for specific reports, bespoke insights or help with bulk social analysis. So we created Bespoke Reporting.

Bespoke Social Media Reporting is a broad term to cover the general area we can support you in. Each request and project is different, combining the capabilities of BirdSong with our established 20 yeas digital marketing experience.

All our projects are client confidential and discreet.

The starting process for a bespoke report is easy. Simply tell us what you need and we can take it from there. We’ll work with you to define capabilities, timescales and costs and the project terms are agreed, we can kick off.

Bespoke Reporting does not replace our standard offering. Exporting Followers, Analysing Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts is still growing on the pay as you go model. We will soon be launching more networks and wider comparative analysis.

Head over to our Bespoke Reporting page for more.


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