Download the latest primary comments from any Facebook Fan Page

BirdSong Facebook Analytics reports include a full download of all post data (text) and the recent primary comments. The CSV download includes all of the page posts since the page launch including related comments. These downloads provide valuable insights for Facebook engagement or linguistic analysis. Available for any public page without the need to log in to Facebook or manage the page.

Export Facebook Fan Page Data with BirdSong Analytics
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BirdSong Facebook Analytics is the world’s leading pay as you go social media analytics tool, used by Universities, Legal professionals, journalists, publishers and media companies in 120 countries around the world.

You can use our Facebook Analytics to download key post data to .csv, including:

  • All post content (text)
  • Post data points including date of post, time (UTC) number of likes, comments and shares
  • Recent Primary Facebook Comments
  • Page Analysis reports including within the price

Our data has been used by the following publications

The Guardian Retail Week Grazia Inc Moz Marketing Land
Facebook analytics and insights for any public fan page

Facebook analytics and insights for any public fan page

Run a report for any Facebook page to discover how & when it uses this important social channel, performance of the page, popular content and much more.

Download Facebook Data

Save Your Reports

Export all the page's posts & recent primary comments to review and create your own insights.

Download & Analyse the page's posts

Analyse the page's posts

Review all the page's posts, sort by engagement types and date posted, to gain useful insights

Pay as you go Facebook data

Pay as you go

Just buy the reports you need, when you need them. With BirdSong Facebook Analytics there are no monthly fees, no ongoing commitment and no restrictions on how many accounts you can investigate.

BirdSong Facebook Analytics data can be used to help you optimise your Facebook social strategy in many ways.

Here are some examples of how our customers are already using this data:

  • Analyze any fan page in detail – identify engagement trends, best performing posts and more
  • Analyze recent primary comments – identify comment recent comment history with timestamps
  • Use the offline data for linguistic analysis of comments
  • Identify the most frequent commentators on the page

The included Page Analysis also helps users to:

  • Identify the key elements that impact the Facebook engagement rate for that page and for those of their competitors
  • Identify the best performing posts for likes, comments and shares
  • Identify what their competitors are posting about and when they are active
  • Find out the best time to post for engagement based on historic performance
  • Discover more about a competitor’s follower demographic and what % of their fans are actually engaging with the page
  • Filter posts by date range for comparative Facebook Analytics
  • Benchmark their own and competitors engagement rates against the category averages

Download all Facebook Comments

Due to Facebook restrictions, our standard reports do not include all post comments, providing only the latest primary comments.

  • Latest Comments – the most recent comments for posts at the time of your report.
  • Primary Comments – comments relating to the original post. We do not index the comments on comments or threaded discussions.

Our bespoke team can help you index more primary comments for selected posts or date ranges and look for secondary or tertiary comments. Exporting all comments will take longer and cost more than standard Analytics reports. Please use Live Chat or leave us a message to understand more about indexing Facebook comments, the opportunities and the limitations.

Our Research Team

If you would like to use BirdSong Analytics for a research project but don’t have time to run the reports and do the analysis, our research team can help.

They regularly work with clients (large and small) to provide answers to questions that they have about how sectors and competitors are using Twitter.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with our research team, why not get in touch.

What does BirdSong Analytics offer that cannot be accessed from Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights should be the first call for your own data. With BirdSong Analytics you can export all Facebook posts from your own page or another page.

  • Access any Fan Page
  • You do not need to login to Facebook
  • You do not need to be a page administrator
  • Download all posts in one file, with one click
  • Download separate files for just posts or posts and recent comments

BirdSong Analytics is used by agencies, publishers, researchers, journalists, legal firms, data analysts, SMEs, charities, large corporations and individuals across the world.