Download Facebook Fan Page Data

Download Facebook Fan Page Data

With BirdSong Analytics, you can download Facebook Fan Page data from any public page. You don’t need to be the administrator of the page to access these downloads.

The fan page downloads are available as part of any Facebook Analytics report.

On this page, we have included more information on what data you can easily download with BirdSong.

What data is available in the download?

For any fan page, you can download data for all posts For privacy reasons, Facebook does not allow us to access or download fan profiles. If you need user data try exporting Twitter followers or recently engaged Instagram users.

Here is the data you can download from any Facebook page:

Post ID (created by Facebook)

The post ID is simply the code used by Facebook to identify each post. It is a useful reference for each post but provides little additional analysis.

Time & Date of Post (UTC)

The Facebook servers take the time and date from the international UTC format. When displaying a post to the user, Facebook converts the time and date to the user’s location and timezone.

Facebook presents the data in the raw UTC format which is how it appears in the download.

Post Type 

Facebook is able to define the post type (photo/video/status/link).


For content, we mean the text supplied in the update, including any URLs.

  • Total likes
  • Total comments
  • Total shares

The sum of all likes/comments/shares on each update recorded at the time of download.

Link to the Fan Page post

The direct link to each post. This will help you identify any post you are interested in.

How much data can you provide from any page?

We provide all available posts from each fan page. There is no restriction on the number of posts or historical date. Larger accounts will take longer to run and cost more.

Do you provide Fan downloads?

Not at this time. Unlike Twitter, Facebook does not provide a simple list of Fan Page followers. We can analyse the engaged fans (anyone who has liked, commented or shared a post.) We will include this data in a future update.

How much does the data cost?

We include the data download with any Facebook Analytics report, charged at our standard rates. The cost is defined by the size of the account (fans.) You can preview the costs before you buy the report.

Click below for to download a sample of Facebook Fan Page data 

Facebook fan Page Downloads
Click here for a sample of Facebook Fan Page Downloads


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