Export Tweets

We provide enhanced Tweet Exports for easy offline archiving or analysis.

With BirdSong Analytics, you can export tweets from any account. You don’t need to own the Twitter account making it an ideal tool for downloading competitor’s tweets or archiving your own. BirdSong will help you export tweets to .csv for use in Excel, Google Docs or any other package. All this comes as part of our Twitter Analytics.

Read on to find out more about our Tweet exports.

How many tweets are included?

Twitter sets the limit to 3,200 tweets for any account, so you will receive the profile’s last 3,200 tweets.

Over what period does the export include?

The period is defined by the volume and frequency of tweets from each account. If an account tweets 32 times per day, your export will be for 1,000 days. Accounts that tweet only once a day will have data for the past eight years!

Can I define the period for exporting?

Until each report is run, we do not know the tweet duration. We, therefore, download the latest 3,200 tweets and allow you to filter date ranges within the export.

What data is in the Tweet export?

Each Tweet export includes the following data columns:

  • Tweet Text

The words contained in each tweet. All URLs have been encoded to t.co by Twitter. You can expand them easily with our short URL expander.

  • Datestamp UTC

We include the original datestamp (DD/MM/YYYY HH: MM) for each tweet posted.

  • Date of Tweet (UTC)/Time of Tweet (UTC)

The original datestamp is also split into separate columns for date and time for additional sorting options.

  • Day of Week

BirdSong Analytics automatically calculates the day of the week for each post.

  • GeoLocation

We include location data if it has been included in the tweet.

  • Retweet Count

We include the total number of retweets at the time of reporting. For RTs of another account, Twitter will count the total number of RT’s, not just the count from this account. From larger accounts, you would expect to see high RT numbers.

  • Favourite/Like Count

The total number of likes at the time of reporting.

  • Platform

What app was used to post the Tweet? This can be the website (www.twitter.com) or tools such as HootSuite, Bufferapp, Hubspot and more.

  • Status URL

A link to the original tweet on www.twitter.com

Click here for a sample tweet export

How to Export Tweets

Exporting tweets is easy:

1. Search for your account in the box above.

2. Select your account and run your report.

3. Wait for your email with your completed report

4. Click on the link to export your chosen Tweets

Tweet Analysis & More

BirdSong provides tweet analytics as part of your report & export:

  • Visualise the most used tweet content
  • Identify the best performing tweets
  • Understand tweet activity by day of week and time of day
  • Find the best time to tweet

BirdSong Tweet Export