Export Twitter Followers in .csv format for any public account, in five easy steps.

Simply search for the account, select from the preview page, check the price & report run time, add to basket and buy. We will email the export to you when it is ready. Easy!

There is no need to sign up for a monthly subscription and we won’t ask you to log in with your social media account. Just pay for the follower exports you need.

BirdSong Analytics
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Listed in Forbes as ‘one of the top 10 tools your agency won’t tell you about’, BirdSong Analytics is the world’s leading pay as you go Follower export tool, used by social media practitioners, journalists, publishers and researchers in 120 countries around the world.  

Use our Twitter Follower Exports to download, for any public account:

  • All of the followers for any public account
  • 17 different data points for each account
  • .CSV download with all the data 

Our exports & data have been used by the following publications

The Guardian Retail Week Grazia Inc Moz Marketing Land
Twitter follower exports for any public account

Follower Exports for any public account

You can use this data to carry out your own analysis of the account's followers. We provide follower name, URL, Bio, no of followers, no of following, location, latest tweet and more.

No account limit for follower exports

No Follower Size Limits

There is no size or volume restrictions on the exports. Larger accounts cost more and take longer to run.

Pay as you go Twitter analytics

Pay as you go

Just buy the exports you need, when you need them. With BirdSong Twitter Analytics there are no monthly fees, no ongoing commitment and no restrictions on how many accounts you can export.

Analytics for any public account

Follower Analysis included

Use our included follower analysis to learn more about the audience including timezone, language and gender.

How to Export Twitter Followers

  1. Search for any Twitter account at insights.birdsonganalytics.com
  2. Select the Twitter account you need
  3. Add to Basket & Check out
  4. Look for the BirdSong email & download the file
  5. Open the follower export in Excel, Pages or upload to Google Sheets

We are leading industry experts on Twitter Analytics and specialise in Twitter follower exports. We have helped our growing roster of global customers export over 400 million Twitter profiles for use in Twitter ads, organic promotions, brand influencers and more.

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Why do I need to export Twitter followers?
Can I not just scrape data from Twitter?
What Follower Data Can I Get from scraping?
What Twitter Follower Data can I get from an export?
Is there a limit to the number of followers I can export?
6.Can I augment the Follower Data?
7.Can I export Twitter Followers to .CSV?
8.Can I export followers to Excel or Google Docs?
9. Can I use follower exports to create a large dataset?
10. Can I export Twitter Lists?
11. Can I export followers from other social networks?
12. How do I start Exporting?
What other data can BirdSong provide?

1. Why do I need to export Twitter followers?

There may be numerous key reasons to why you would want to export followers. Based on conversations with our global customers, here are some of the most popular reasons for wishing to export Twitter followers:

i. Backup Twitter Followers

Twitter can provide you with an impressive archive of tweets, but it CANNOT provide you with an archive of your followers. Exporting your followers can provide you with a backup of all followers and their profiles for offline storage and for use at a later date.

ii. Benchmarking

Exporting followers from your own accounts on different dates (e.g. 6 months apart) could give you a benchmark of ‘before and after’ with the additional follower profiles. This can be helpful for pre and post campaign analysis (NB we don’t provide follower tracking), or for measuring change.

Another way to benchmark is to export followers of two, or multiple Twitter accounts for offline analysis. Most follower comparison tools like FollowerWonk can’t handle large accounts.

With an export or two, and some nifty excel magic, you could be generating insights like follower overlap profiles and more. This is a smart way to stay on top of your followers!

iii. Moving or Merging Accounts 

Unfortunately, unlike Facebook, there is no way to merge two accounts. If you are moving accounts you will need to grab a copy of the ‘old’ account’s followers which you can then use to create a new strategy. This could be a simple follow of old accounts or create a tailored audience for Twitter ads.

As the exports will contain data including the most recent tweet and follower/following count, you can only follow back the most relevant accounts.

iv. Optimise your Twitter account

Some social media tools will give you fake follower counts, based on a sample of data. With our full exports, you obtain all the rich data so you control the definition of value, recency or credibility. From this, you can make strategic decisions about unfollowing accounts or follower value and much, much more.

v. Data Analysis and Augmentation

A Twitter handle can tell you a lot about the person. By downloading Twitter followers to .csv you will have a set of data to be integrated into other tools you may have, or we can help expand the profiles to find connected social accounts.

Depending on your sophistication, this may also be cross referenced with your existing database of email subscribers and any Twitter profiles you have already collected.

vi. Competitor Insights

There is nothing to stop you exporting followers of your competitors. Do it, be nosey. Do some social forensics, investigate them and BirdSong tools can provide some excellent insights. This could become extremely advantageous when trying to get an edge over potential business rivals or to try to discover why a brand is performing the way it is.

vii. Advertising to Twitter Tailored Audiences

Twitter now lets you create tailored audience lists. With BirdSong, you can be populating these lists with your own data. Read more about creating tailored audiences here.

viii. Lead Generation

Every Twitter profile can include a URL. This URL could link to a variety of wonderful websites, an up and coming blog, the possibilities here really are endless! With the full URL available (not the t.co URL) on every export, you can gain a large database of potential websites to review.

Using your own tools, these URLs could prove valuable for sourcing new leads and generating new business.

ix. Creating an Email List 

Sadly, Twitter does not provide the email addresses affiliated with accounts. However, there are workarounds for matching email addresses to Twitter accounts. We recommend you read our full guide here – it is really interesting!

x. Running Competitions

Creating a ‘follow to win’ competition can work if you export the followers before and after the competition. This will give you the complete list of followers before and after the competition from which you can cross reference and identify the entrants. Our bespoke team are on hand if you need more complex follower analysis or cross referencing.

2. Can I scrape follower data from the Twitter page?

Yes you can scrape followers from a page, although the latest layout doesn’t make it as easy as it used to be! Every account will have a link for their followers e.g. https://twitter.com/mashable/followers from where you can start extracting the data.

Twitter Follower Profiles

With a little patience and a clever Chrome extension like Data Scraper, you can scrape the followers for any account. Please note that with the endless scrolling page of Twitter, you will constantly need to keep scrolling down the page to gather the required data.

3. What Follower Data Can I Get from scraping?

Twitter provides far less follower data on the web than it does the API. A very basic scrape of the Twitter site will get you:

  • Twitter Handle
  • First and Last Name
  • Biography
  • Profile Photo

You won’t get follower count, following count or URL.

4. What Twitter Follower Data can I get from an export?

Our Follower exports provide a much richer data set for every follower. This is the current data you can expect from any export.

  • Screen Name/Twitter Handle (e.g. @jamieriddell)
  • Real name of the account holder
  • Twitter URL (link to the Twitter profile)
  • Biography
  • Followers
  • Following
  • URL (where you leave a URL in the Twitter biography)
  • When the Twitter account was created
  • Expanded URL (i.e. not the original URL before it was shortened to t.co)
  • Location (If provided by the user)
  • Will reveal whether the account is private or not.
  • Will reveal if the account is officially verified.
  • Most Recent Tweet
  • Active Y/N (A BirdSong measure based on the number of Tweets in the past three months)
  • Date of Most Recent Tweet (updated for easier ranking)
  • Gender (based on first name lookup)
  • Listed Count (How many lists does this account appear in?)

Do note that not all fields on Twitter are compulsory to complete, so you won’t always get ALL the data from an export.

To start using Twitter, a user can simply provide an email address and create a username. They don’t even need to fill in the first name, last name.  If you export follower data you can only get what people give you!

Please note: You cannot export email addresses of Twitter followers. Twitter does not provide this information. However, you may want to read this workaround. ‘How to get email addresses from Twitter accounts’.

Export Twitter Followers

7. Is there a limit to the number of followers I can export?

With BirdSong, there is no limit to the size of followers. Larger exports simply cost more and take longer. BirdSong has been designed to analyse major accounts without the need for you to have account access. This is one of our many USP’s.

Twitter does have API limits which restrict the average user to a certain number of calls per session. You’ll see this on some other tools that over promise but under deliver. You often see these limits on sample data exports from other providers.

You will also see tools that can give you an export of your own followers if you log in with your own twitter account. By logging in with your account, they are using your credentials to get the data.

7. Can I augment the Follower Data?

Yes! Yes you can. We can help you associate Twitter accounts with other social networks as part of our bespoke projects.

We are working to increase the follower insights with greater location accuracy, income and age details. To achieve these, we need to include further datasets that need to meet our strict requirements on scale and validity of data.

8. Can I export Twitter Followers to .CSV?

Twitter provides the data in a textual format. BirdSong takes that data and superbly converts it into .csv which is easily downloadable. A standard .csv can only handle 65,000 rows (newer versions can handle millions but we need to work for everyone.) Depending on the size of follower accounts we will provide multiple CSV’s, available in a zip folder.

9. Can I export followers to Excel, Numbers  or Google Docs?

At present, we provide a .csv download for each account. You can save this directly to your desktop. The .csv can be opened in Excel, Open Office, Pages or uploaded to Google Docs, Dropbox or cloud storage of your choice.

10. Can I use follower exports to create a large dataset?

In theory, yes. Our exports are .csv which is globally compatible for importing the data into other applications. This means you can produce large spreadsheets to house the data and organise it into a way that best suits you.

11. Can I export Twitter Lists?

Yes, you can. For any list available you will have access to three major categories:

  • Creator – this is the person that created the list.
  • Subscribers – the list of people who follow the Twitter list.
  • Members – people that are currently in the list.

Each person in this list will have the Twitter data available to be exported. We have a separate page on that here.

12. Can I export followers from other social networks?

You can export all the followers and following for any public Instagram account. Click here to learn more about Instagram follower exports. Facebook fans are private unless they interact with the page. Then you will be able to see the active users but not easily export the data. Linkedin has some limited data you can access.

13. How do I start Exporting?

You can begin straight away by clicking here to start searching. Swiftly search for the account, run the analysis and export. You’ll also receive email confirmation when it is complete with a link to the download.

What Else Can BirdSong Offer?

The follower exports are part of any Twitter Analytics report which includes greater insights into when the account is tweeting, best time to tweet and greater follower profiling. You can learn more about our Twitter Analytics here.

BirdSong provides a range of social media analytics, check them out:

We also provide:

Facebook Insights

Instagram Analytics

Export Instagram Followers

YouTube Analytics 

About Twitter’s own analytics

When you register with Twitter and turn on the analytics for your account, you will be able to access some useful data about it and how your tweets resonate with your audience.

For example, you will be able to look at up to your last 3,200 tweets and:

  • Compare your Tweet activity and followers and see how they trend over time.
  • Click on any Tweet to get a detailed view of the number of Retweets, replies, likes, follows or clicks it receives
  • Get detailed insights into who your audience is, especially those who engage with your Tweets
  • Download your Tweet metrics

However, you won’t be able to access this information for accounts that you don’t own or have not been given access to. This is where BirdSong Analytics can help. With our tool you can buy reports to look at the Twitter analytics for other accounts and see how they are using the channel. This allows you to research the Twitter statistics for clients, competitors and other public accounts that you are interested in.

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