Twitter Followers API

Our API allows you to automatically export Twitter follower data for processing and analysis, in real time.

Just pick the monthly plan you want, set up a subscription and check out the documentation to get started.

Prices start from $150 per month.

Twitter Followers API

Our data has been used by the following publications

The Guardian Retail Week Grazia Inc Moz Marketing Land

What can I export with the API?

Our API provides data* about the followers of any publicly available Twitter account or the profiles that this primary account follows (defined as following).

Please see right for details.

Read the documentation for more info
  • Profile ID The users ID on Twitter
  • Screen Name The username on Twitter
  • Real Name If provided by the user
  • Total Followers Total number of Followers
  • Total Following Total number of Following
  • Total Tweets Total number of tweets by the user
  • Description The users biography if provided
  • Location User location if they have provided it
  • Created Date the user joined Twitter
  • Language The user's assumed language
  • Profile Photo URL of the user's profile photo
  • Timezone The user's timezone if provided
  • Protected If the user's account is public or private
  • Website URL The user's website URL if provided
  • Gender Estimated gender of the user
  • Verified Is the user's account is verified
  • Listed Count Total number of lies this user exists in
  • Latest Status Text Content of most recent tweet
  • Latest Status Date Date and Time from the latest tweet
  • Platform Platform used to post the lastest tweet
How to use the API

How do I use the API?

The API has been designed to be easy to use and you can start exporting profiles with a single request. The export Twitter profiles endpoint allows you to provide a webhook which will receive profiles in real time as we process them. There is no limit to the size of Twitter account that you can pull through this API as long as you have sufficient records available in your account and larger accounts will take more time to process.

Built for developers.

Our API is built by developers, for developers. We have even written a number of client libraries in popular languages to help you get started.

Find out more about our API

Help for non-developers.

Don’t have the technical know-how to get started with an API? Don’t worry, we can help with bespoke integrations so you don’t miss out on our social media data.

Get in touch with BirdSong Data's customer team.

Export API subscriptions and pricing

Access to our Export Twitter Follower Data API requires a monthly subscription which can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time**.

The subscription will provide access of up to a chosen number of records per month. Please note that any unused records will not rollover to the next month.

A record is defined as one Twitter profile e.g. The profile of a follower of a publicly available Twitter account or the profile of one of the accounts it follows. This record may include up to 20 fields of data about that profile.

  • 1 Million records per month

    $150 per month

  • 2 Million records per month

    $250 per month

  • 5 Million records per month

    $500 per month

  • 10 Million records per month

    $750 per month

  • 20 Million records per month

    $1,200 per month

Click here to set up your subscription now You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel you plan at any time

*Please note that not all fields on Twitter are compulsory for the account holder to complete, so our API will not always be able to provide complete data for all the fields. You cannot export email addresses of Twitter followers using our API as Twitter does not provide this information.

**Please note that monthly subscriptions that have been paid will not be refunded wholly or in part, on cancellation or downgrading but will terminate at the end of that month to which they apply.