How to get email addresses from Twitter accounts

One of our most often asked questions is, “How can I get email addresses from Twitter accounts?”

The first answer is, you can’t. Twitter doesn’t share them so we can’t give them. However, if you need email addresses from Twitter accounts, there are a few workarounds.

You cannot get email addresses from Twitter accounts with BirdSong.

Read on to learn about potential solutions combining BirdSong data with third party tools.

In summary

Twitter doesn’t share the email addresses of any user so you need to find a workaround. The most efficient way is to export the Twitter followers from any account using BirdSong. With the follower export in CSV, you will have the first name, last name and any website/domain the user has provided. You can then use an email lookup tool (listed below) to work out and validate the email address.

Start by searching for the Twitter account or learn more about our Follower exports.

More details on how to get email addresses from Twitter accounts.

Before we go any further, here is a health warning. Collecting email addresses could be illegal or unethical in your part of the world. Using email addresses for mass mailing of unsolicited contacts can also be an offence in certain territories.

We do not condone or promote the use of mass mailing unsolicited contacts. This post acts as a guide for you to find email addresses that may be related to the Twitter account. If you are unsure of the legality of using email addresses, please check with your DMA or legal representatives first.

Now we have that covered; let’s look at how we can get email addresses.

As we said at the top, Twitter does not offer email addresses so we can’t give them to you. However, there are third-party tools that can seek out email addresses for a particular domain.

Any Twitter user can give a real name and domain name to promote their blog or website. Some people use this to share a Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram account or mention their Instagram or Snapchat account. Others, like Jamie, state a website.

With BirdSong Analytics, we can give an export of Twitter followers for any account.  On each export, we provide a number of fields including:

  • Username
  • Real Name
  • Website Link
  • Domain Name

Not every account will include the domain, or they may use Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr as their link.

If you exported, say, 1 million Twitter followers that will give you a potentially large list of domain names.

Our work is done at that point. Now you need to find a way to augment those domain names. 

After a quick tidy up of your data, you can upload the file to a third party tool. These tools will try and match email addresses to domain names. These email addresses will have been published in the public domain at some point.

Running your list of domains against these tools should provide a list of email addresses.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is no way to guarantee the email addresses correspond to that Twitter user, but it’s a start.

Tools for getting email addresses – This tool uses publicly available data to connect and validate email addresses on over 1.5 billion social media accounts. If you have the first name, last name and domain name from the follower export then you could be running bulk checkups to look for email addresses.  – run domain by domain checks or login for more features. – A tool that will allow you to run and export lists of email addresses.– Software for running bulk email check-ups. Email Grabber allows you to extract automatically email addresses from websites.

We know of these tools but haven’t used them all.

You can export Twitter followers now, for any account. With BirdSong you pay only for the accounts, you need to export. Read more on our Definitive Guide to Exporting Twitter followers here.

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