Christmas Adverts 2015: Which Retail Brand had the Most Likes on Facebook?

Christmas adverts are fundamental to any retail marketing campaign. Social media plays a key role in the promotion of a brand’s Christmas adverts, especially Facebook, where the video can reach millions of people. A number of key retail brands used Facebook to show off their Christmas adverts and maximise their winter campaigns.

The typical launch period is the start of November and Christmas adverts release a wave of excitement across the nation as highly expectant fans cannot wait to catch the first glimpse of the year’s Christmas advertisements. The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are all crucial to any advertising campaign and social media marketing will be a crucial factor that impacts the potential success of these festive masterpieces.

2015 was a huge year for Christmas adverts. Big brands dominate the limelight and cause quite the social stir at the beginning of November. Popular retail giants such as John Lewis and Sainsbury’s steal the show and the nation falls in love with their Christmas adverts time and time again. But, which brand has the most successful Christmas advert on Facebook?

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  3. Christmas adverts: Why are they important?
  4. Which brand had the most views?
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Christmas advert revelation

Christmas advertising has been completely transformed in recent years. Thanks to major retailers like John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Boots, Toy’s R Us and many, many more Christmas adverts have captivated the nation and the anticipation of them gracing our phones, computers and televisions has people glued to their screens.

John Lewis redefined how Christmas adverts are created in 2007, and many retail giants have followed suit to create a dramatic and immersive Christmas experience. Since then, a flurry of grand approaches by many a brand has seen winter marketing campaigns turn into a competition.

2015 was an important year for Christmas adverts as big brands took to Facebook to showcase their latest festive wonders. Similarly to YouTube, two big retail names dominated the Facebook views, likes and shares in 2015. John Lewis and Sainsbury’s received a combined total of nearly 16 million views for the Man on the Moon and Mog’s Christmas Calamity, but which campaign was more successful? Read on to find out!

Christmas Adverts: Why are they important?

Christmas adverts are immensely vital to retail brands. Christmas adverts have the ability to influence consumer spending and final quarter revenue, and of course, the public love them!

Christmas is one of the most important times for retail industry as Christmas revenue makes up a high volume of yearly revenue, and the digital world has more influence than ever on potential consumers. Christmas adverts have the ability to engage the nation and attract newer customers to their stores and websites, and today, these advertisements are much more than just an advert.

Which brand had the most views?

Just as it was on YouTube, the same two brands had the most amount of views for their 2015 Christmas advert. John Lewis and Sainsbury’s both got well over 7 million views, but, who had the most? Sainsbury’s received 30,944,271 views on YouTube and John Lewis gained 25,015,959, but things were much closer on Facebook.  

The BirdSong Facebook data has been taken from the official Facebook pages of the brands. Facebook views per brand analysed:

  • John Lewis: 7,886,059
  • Sainsbury’s: 7,826,416
  • M&S: 2,601,357
  • Debenhams: 845,677
  • Argos: 37,245
  • Littlewoods: 2,568

Below is a graphic representation of brand views for their 2015 Christmas adverts:

Christmas Adverts 2015: Facebook Views

This time around, John Lewis had the most views on Facebook. John Lewis had 108,072 (1.4%) more views than Sainsbury’s on Facebook, much closer than the 5,928,312 margin on YouTube! However, we measure Facebook success on engagements, so scroll down to see who got more likes.

Key Brands

John Lewis and Sainsbury’s Christmas adverts were the clear winners in 2015, with larger volumes across the board with more views, likes, shares and comments than their competition and other retail brands.

Since 2007, the John Lewis Christmas advert has been highly anticipated. With the likes of Bear and the Hare, Monty the Penguin and Man on the Moon, it is easy to see why, and recent years has seen Sainsbury’s, M&S, Boots, Toys R Us, Argos, Debenhams and more try to replicate the success of John Lewis.

Which brand had the most likes?

Likes are one of the most important Facebook metrics when it comes down to measuring success.

John Lewis came out on top here! The John Lewis vs Sainsbury’s battle continued, as just as they gained more Facebook views, John Lewis also acquired the most amount of likes. John Lewis received 257,727 likes for Man on the Moon, whereas Sainsbury’s got 215,634 for Mog’s Christmas Calamity.

Christmas Adverts 2015: John Lewis vs Sainsbury's

The above graph highlights the likes, comments and shares of the respective Christmas adverts (Data from our Facebook Analytics reports).

With the most amount of likes and views, we are able to say that John Lewis had the best Christmas advert on Facebook in 2015.

Importance of Facebook engagement

Despite gaining more 19.5% more likes on Facebook, John Lewis failed to achieve more comments and shares than Sainsbury’s.

Social engagements are a success-determining factor on Facebook. The more shares a post receives, the more users that post has the potential to reach, and in turn attract a higher volume of likes and comments due to more people seeing the post.

BirdSong Analytics revealed that both the John Lewis and Sainsbury’s pages had a higher engagement rate when they posted video updates. Posting video content has seen Sainsbury’s engagement rate increase by 85% which is 1.85x more than usual, and for John Lewis, a video post gains on average an increase of 286%, that is 3.86x as many.

For both official brand pages, their 2015 Christmas adverts were their most liked posts ever!

Christmas Adverts 2015: John Lewis


There is an undeniable winner on Facebook.

John Lewis received more likes and views than the other brands we analysed and despite stiff competition from Sainsbury’s, John Lewis had the most successful Christmas advert on Facebook in 2015. As Facebook success can be measured on engagements, most importantly, the number of likes, John Lewis is the obvious champion.

For a YouTube results comparison visit:

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