Will Twitter Propel Le Pen in the French Presidential Election?

The French Presidential Election will be an important political event in 2017.

This year, a new President of France will be elected and social media insight provider, BirdSong Analytics, have analysed the followers of the election candidates, including Le Pen and Macron.

BirdSong Twitter Analytics has helped gather Twitter Data on the French Election hopefuls, including the number of followers they have and more.

We have used our social media analytics to conduct research on other political events across the globe, featuring Trump, Clinton and the Scottish Elections of 2016.

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Importance of Twitter and Politics

Twitter has become a fundamental political aide. Obama harnessed Twitter during his election campaigns and since then, political activity has grown amongst parties and politicians everywhere.

Twitter has many purposes in the political world. Parties and politicians turn to the social platform to express views, policy, beliefs and these tweets often turn into news. Twitter has become a hub for public affairs and is a go-to outlet for citizens to engage with politics.

The viral potential and widespread opportunities mean politics can be seen by the masses. Capturing the backing from the public is key and Twitter has the ability to not only influence followers, but other users who are less engaged with politics. A retweet will amplify any tweet and the message behind it and create a new generation of voters. This could result in more followers, more tweets, a larger engaged audience and most importantly, the possibility of gaining more votes.

As a result, tweets from politicians can easily make headlines news and become national and international talking points. Either way, political awareness will be present thanks to Twitter. The attention these tweets receive have the potential to capture the support or induce a change of heart of Twitter users and the influence that occurs may see a new wave of followers, or cause more people to vote.

What have we learned from Trump and Twitter?

Recent times has seen Twitter act as a very powerful tool for Donald Trump. The 45th President of the United States used Twitter to convey his thoughts and beliefs, which gained global attention on a regular basis.

Obama was a real pioneer for using social media in a political campaign. In his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, Obama took advantage of the platform’s meaning by tweeting to promote legislation and rally support for his policies. Trump adopted this tactic and become notorious quite quickly for his Twitter antics.

Trump uses Twitter to strongly express his views and rarely holds back. This ballistic approach has captivated his persona and formed a famous social image for not holding back, something which had not been heavily documented nor seen before from a Presidential candidate.

As we have seen with Trump, many of his tweets have come back to haunt him, especially comments made on climate change, the environment, and scientific facts, which lead to the creation of Rogue Twitter accounts. Nonetheless, Trump’s Twitter has provided the entertainment factor to millions of onlookers across the globe. His wild, crazy Twitter moments have added a comedic value to his profile and with every pending tweet, Twitter users across the world on the edge of their seats.

A powerful factor that has risen from Trump’s Twitter activity is that a loud voice can change minds. Twitter as a source of influence and change is fundamental to politics and is a key aspect of acquiring potential voters. Trump was successful in amplifying political messages socially which saw him gain more followers than rival Clinton and ended up victorious.

What is happening with the French Election? 

The first round of the 2017 French Election will be held on 23 April.

Le Pen and Macron have surged in polls since the start of 2017. With speculation of a Le Pen victory actually becoming a possible reality in a few months has been a major talking point.

Regarding Twitter, Macron has a third of the followers that Le Pen has. This could be an influential factor in the run-up to the French Election in April.

Who has the most followers on Twitter?

With only a few names left in the running, Marine Le Pen is leading the way in terms of followers. She has over 1.25 million! This means Le Pen has the ability to reach a larger audience, possibly gain more retweets, which will see her tweets spread wide and far, possibly capturing a new fan base and encourage more people to vote for her.

As we saw with recent US Presidential elections, those with the most Twitter followers ended up winning The Oval Office. In 2008 and 2012, Obama has more followers than his opponent and over the course of the 2016 election, Trump has more followers than Clinton which resulted in him becoming the new occupant of the White House.

Based on the above facts, this prophecy could suggest that Le Pen may win the French Election.

The future…

As Twitter is clearly a valuable tool for political campaigns, politicians and parties will continue to turn to this vital platform to rally support and promote policies. It has evidently influenced the campaign success of Obama and Trump and could very much have the same effect for Marine Le Pen in the French Elections.

As politicians come and go, parties reshuffle and look for new leaders, Twitter will be an important ally in all things needed to run a successful campaign. The power to spread messages via tweets is unrivaled and the viral potential is limitless.

As in many countries, the voting age is governed by national law. Twitter therefore also acts as an educational resource and can influence the minds of a younger generation who may start to take a stance and come legal voting age, their decisions and political viewpoints are a product of Twitter.

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