Full List of US Senators on Twitter – 2018

A full list of US senators on Twitter is available on BirdSong Analytics.

We have the complete Twitter list of US senators, featuring all 100 Senate members, plus links to their official Twitter accounts.

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What’s in the Twitter List of US Senators?

The list of US senators has seen all 100 members verified by Twitter and have been checked against the up-to-date 2018 register for all Senate members. The Twitter list of senators contains the state, the party, their name, and their primary Twitter profile. Some senators have multiple accounts, such as personal profiles and staff accounts which are also verified, but we are using the senator’s main political account.

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Full List of US Senators on Twitter

State Party Twitter Handle Real Name
Alabama Democratic GDouglasJones Doug Jones
Alabama Republican SenShelby Richard Shelby
Alaska Republican SenDanSullivan Dan Sullivan
Alaska Republican lisamurkowski Lisa Murkowski
Arizona Republican SenJohnMcCain John McCain
Arizona Republican JeffFlake Jeff Flake
Arkansas Republican SenTomCotton Tom Cotton
Arkansas Republican JohnBoozman John Boozman
California Democratic SenFeinstein Dianne Feinstein
California Democratic KamalaHarris Kamala Harris
Colorado Republican SenCoryGardner Cory Gardner
Colorado Democratic SenBennetCO Michael Bennet
Connecticut Democratic SenBlumenthal Richard Blumenthal
Connecticut Democratic ChrisMurphyCT Chris Murphy
Delaware Democratic SenatorCarper Tom Carper
Delaware Democratic ChrisCoons Chris Coons
Florida Democratic SenBillNelson Bill Nelson
Florida Republican marcorubio Marco Rubio
Georgia Republican sendavidperdue David Perdue
Georgia Republican SenatorIsakson Johnny Isakson
Hawaii Democratic SenBrianSchatz Brian Schatz
Hawaii Democratic maziehirono Mazie Hirono
Idaho Republican SenatorRisch Jim Risch
Idaho Republican MikeCrapo Mike Crapo
Illinois Democratic SenDuckworth Tammy Duckworth
Illinois Democratic SenatorDurbin Dick Durbin
Indiana Republican SenToddYoung Todd Young
Indiana Democratic SenDonnelly Joe Donnelly
Iowa Republican SenJoniErnst Joni Ernst
Iowa Republican ChuckGrassley Chuck Grassley
Kansas Republican SenPatRoberts Pat Roberts
Kansas Republican JerryMoran Jerry Moran
Kentucky Republican SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell
Kentucky Republican RandPaul Rand Paul
Louisiana Republican SenJohnKennedy John Kennedy
Louisiana Republican BillCassidy Bill Cassidy
Maine Independent SenAngusKing Angus King
Maine Republican SenatorCollins Susan Collins
Maryland Democratic SenatorCardin Ben Cardin
Maryland Democratic ChrisVanHollen Chris Van Hollen
Massachusetts Democratic SenWarren Elizabeth Warren
Massachusetts Democratic SenMarkey Ed Markey
Michigan Democratic SenGaryPeters Gary Peters
Michigan Democratic SenStabenow Debbie Stabenow
Minnesota Democratic amyklobuchar Amy Klobuchar
Minnesota Democratic TinaSmithMN Tina Smith
Mississippi Republican SenThadCochran Thad Cochran
Mississippi Republican SenatorWicker Roger Wicker
Missouri Republican RoyBlunt Roy Blunt
Missouri Democratic clairecmc Claire McCaskill
Montana Democratic SenatorTester Jon Tester
Montana Republican SteveDaines Steve Daines
Nebraska Republican SenSasse Ben Sasse
Nebraska Republican SenatorFischer Deb Fischer
Nevada Democratic SenCortezMasto Cortez Masto
Nevada Republican SenDeanHeller Dean Heller
New Hampshire Democratic SenatorHassan Maggie Hassan
New Hampshire Democratic SenatorShaheen Jeanne Shaheen
New Jersey Democratic SenatorMenendez Bob Menendez
New Jersey Democratic CoryBooker Cory Booker
New Mexico Democratic MartinHeinrich Martin Heinrich
New Mexico Democratic SenatorTomUdall Tom Udall
New York Democratic SenGillibrand Kirsten Gillibrand
New York Democratic SenSchumer Chuck Schumer
North Carolina Republican SenThomTillis Thom Tillis
North Carolina Republican SenatorBurr Richard Burr
North Dakota Democratic SenatorHeitkamp Heidi Heitkamp
North Dakota Republican SenJohnHoeven John Hoeven
Ohio Democratic SenSherrodBrown Sherrod Brown
Ohio Republican senrobportman Rob Portman
Oklahoma Republican SenatorLankford James Lankford
Oklahoma Republican jiminhofe Jim Inhofe
Oregon Democratic RonWyden Ron Wyden
Oregon Democratic SenJeffMerkley Jeff Merkley
Pennsylvania Republican SenToomey Pat Toomey
Pennsylvania Democratic SenBobCasey Bob Casey
Rhode Island Democratic SenJackReed Jack Reed
Rhode Island Democratic SenWhitehouse Sheldon Whitehouse
South Carolina Republican SenatorTimScott Tim Scott
South Carolina Republican GrahamBlog Lindsey Graham
South Dakota Republican SenatorRounds Mike Rounds
South Dakota Republican SenJohnThune John Thune
Tennessee Republican SenAlexander Lamar Alexander
Tennessee Republican SenBobCorker Bob Corker
Texas Republican SenTedCruz Ted Cruz
Texas Republican JohnCornyn John Cornyn
Utah Republican SenOrrinHatch Orrin Hatch
Utah Republican SenMikeLee Mike Lee
Vermont Democratic SenatorLeahy Patrick Leahy
Vermont Independent SenSanders Bernie Sanders
Virginia Democratic timkaine Tim Kaine
Virginia Democratic MarkWarner Mark Warner
Washington Democratic PattyMurray Patty Murray
Washington Democratic SenatorCantwell Maria Cantwell
West Virginia Democratic Sen_JoeManchin Joe Manchin
West Virginia Republican SenCapito Shelley Moore Capito
Wisconsin Democratic SenatorBaldwin Tammy Baldwin
Wisconsin Republican SenRonJohnson Ron Johnson
Wyoming Republican SenatorEnzi Mike Enzi
Wyoming Republican SenJohnBarrasso John Barrasso

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How US Senators are using Twitter

US senators, much like other politicians across the globe, all use Twitter in a very similar way. Therefore, common themes and the types of tweets are similarly consistent for the 100 senators.

Self-promotion has become a big part of social media for politicians. Alerting their followers to upcoming TV interviews and public appearances is at the forefront of how the Senate use Twitter. A primary collection of uses is for wider promotion. Promo of their own views, beliefs, policy and their party’s is frequent. Reinforcing what they stand for is what receives an audience reaction, and the tweeting and mentioning of news, meetings they attend and what they want to change, amplify their stance. Also, senators can spread community messages and highlight action points in their state.

Since the election of a new US President, senators have taken to Twitter to praise or rebuke the Trump administration.

To see how members of the US Senate are using Twitter, click here to look up all 100 senators. Or scroll down to download the list of US senators.

The Importance of Twitter for US Politics

The adoption of Twitter as a political campaign aide is not a new social phenomenon.

Social media is without a doubt a vital tool for any politician. In addition, the evident success of Obama’s 2008 campaign and other notable politicians from all over the world effectively turned to Twitter as a platform to assist their campaign and secure a larger fanbase. The same can be done for the members of the US Senate.

Donald Trump was vocal on Twitter and his unique approach to social media saw worldwide news coverage. A collection of more than 40 million followers means his tweets have the ability to reach more users and be seen by more people courtesy of retweets. As a result, the widespread of his tweets allow more people to engage, form an opinion and possibly the thing that matters most is deciding whether or not they agree with this person. Ultimately, in a political scenario, this could very much lead to electoral votes.

Furthermore, social media continues to grow and become a fundamental tool for politicians to use effectively to assist their campaigns.

Finally, to learn more about Twitter and the important role it plays in global politics, visit our politics page.

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