Which US Senators Have the Most Fans on Facebook?

US senators are popular figures on Facebook and those with the most fans on Facebook can be classed as more popular.

Members of the US Senate have their own dedicated Facebook pages where they can keep their supporters updated. Many senators have hundreds-of-thousands of Facebook fans and in some cases even millions. Facebook fans can help amplify the social messages of US senators, which helps their posts reach a larger number of users. As Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, sharing content and tagging others in comments, can spread political messages across the internet.

But which US senators have the most fans on Facebook?

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Which US senators have the most fans on Facebook?

At BirdSong Analytics, we have based popularity on the number of fans. The more fans a senator has, then they can be considered to be more popular.

As many senators are listed under two key categories, we have compiled the top 5 most popular senators for both Government Official and Politician category. The Facebook category that members of the Senate are listed as differs and the lists feature a different set of politicians, with some senators having both Government Official and Politician fan pages. We have also identified the most popular senators on Twitter.US Senators Have the Most Fans on Facebook

The top five senators in both lists with the most fans represent a mixture of parties, all with varying levels of fans, with Republicans, Democrats, and even Independents making an appearance.

US senators listed as Politicians on Facebook with the most fans: 

  1. Bernie Sanders: 6.67 Million – Independent
  2. Rand Paul: 2.15 Million – Republican
  3. Ted Cruz: 2.14 Million – Republican
  4. Marco Rubio: 1.46 Million – Republican
  5. Al Franken: 723,000 – Democrat

US senators listed as Government Officials on Facebook with the most fans: 

  1. Elizabeth Warren: 3.19 Million – Democrat
  2. Ted Cruz: 1 Million – Republican
  3. John McCain: 991,000 – Republican
  4. Rand Paul: 758,000 – Republican
  5. Al Franken: 747,000 – Democrat

Which party is the most popular on Facebook?

Along with individual senators, we are able to provide Facebook insights into the most popular party. We have identified to highly interesting data points.

An accumulative breakdown of US senators revealed that the 36 Democratic senators listed as Government Offical had 6.03 million fans between them, whereas the 46 GOP senators had 4.58 million. This meant the average Democratic senator on Facebook has 167,500 fans, compared to an average of 99,500 fans for GOP members of the Senate.

However, there is a completely different set of results for the Politician category. Between them, the 36 Democratic senators have 3.49 million fans whereas the 42 Republican senators listed as Politician have 8.56 million fans. This means the average GOP senator listed as a politician on Facebook has 203,800 fans, that’s more than double the average Democratic politician!

When we compare the official Facebook pages of the two key parties, GOP has 2.17 million fans, compared to the 1.51 million fans of the official Democrat page.

One of the more interesting points regarding US senators on Facebook are the fans of Bernie Sanders. He has over 6.6 million fans on his official politician page. That’s more than both combined totals for all senators of both parties listed as Government Official.

List of US senators on Facebook

At BirdSong, we can provide a list of US senators on Facebook.

We have two separate lists based on the two most popular Facebook page categories that the senators have been listed as. We have a Government Official category where senators focus more on their duties as a senator, and we have a Politician list, where members of the Senate focus on their political career.

Click here to download the list of US senators listed as Politician on Facebook and/or here to download the list of US senators listed as Government Official on Facebook.

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