How to use Follower Exports to Create Twitter Tailored Audiences

Our Twitter Follower Exports can be used for ad targeting using Twitter tailored audiences.

We can help you create targeted ads with a download of Twitter followers, where you can define your own custom audience by uploading multiple lists of users to target or exclude. Our standard follower exports will provide you with a .CSV that can be uploaded directly to Twitter. Below we have outlined how to export the followers and how to create Twitter tailored audiences.

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How to create Twitter Tailored Audiences with Follower Exports

Twitter Tailored Audiences are unique custom audiences used in Twitter Ads for precision targeting. The upload list function allows you to create custom Twitter audiences by uploading your CSV data. This upload allows you to create more precise targeting groups than previously available. The standard format for targeting was ‘likes and interests’ but you can target more precise users by downloading Twitter followers to identify the exact group of people to create audiences for Twitter advertising.

With our Twitter follower exports, you can download the followers and following from any account public account to start building a unique ad list full of custom users to create a tailored audience.

Follow these steps to create Twitter Tailored Audiences

Here, we present an overview of how to create a tailored audience using Twitter follower exports and usernames.

Using Twitter follower downloads from BirdSong Analytics:

  1. Start here and choose the account(s) you wish to analyze
  2. Run the Twitter reports (prices and timing will be clear before you buy)
  3. Wait for the full report to run (you will receive an email once they are completed)
  4. Select ‘Export Twitter Followers’ and click the link provided to download an account’s followers and/or following
  5. You will now have the download of followers
  6. Trim the export to just the data you need (to create tailored audiences all you need are usernames)
  7. Once you have the exact list, you are ready to upload to Twitter

twitter tailored audiences

Now that you have identified targets for your tailored audience, you can head to Twitter to implement the ad campaign. Follow these simple steps to start ad targeting:

  1. Head to and login
  2. Select ‘New Campaign’ or edit an existing ads campaign
  3. In Targeting, select ‘Add Tailored Audiences’ to create or choose your tailored audience
  4. Upload the .csv follower data, name it, and describe it (you can also select a tailored audience for exclusion)
  5. Launch campaign

twitter tailored audiences

For more information about exporting Twitter followers, click here to see our Twitter Analytics, which will include a download of followers and following from any public account.

What is the difference between follower targeting and custom audiences?

Twitter’s standard audience targeting will target followers who are interested in that account and similar profiles. It will not precisely target the followers of your chosen accounts.

With Twitter tailored audiences, you can specify whom you wish to target by providing a list of usernames, making this custom group more niche and relevant to your campaign goals. You will need to create a custom audience using Twitter’s Audience Tools by using our follower exports.

A feature of every BirdSong Twitter Report is the ability to export all Twitter followers. Unlike other tools including FollowerWonk, BirdSong has no limit on follower size. If you want the follower exports for Instagram, we can do that for you too!

How is this different to standard Twitter targeting?

Twitter states: “Targeting @usernames allows you to reach users with interests similar to followers of any of those accounts.” The standard targeting will target users who are related to your chosen accounts. This can be very different to specifically targeting the followers of your chosen accounts.

In recent campaigns, some BirdSong clients are seeing a 75% improvement in conversion rates vs Twitter ‘lookalilke‘ audience targeting.

What types of audience list can I create?

There are four main types of list that you can create Twitter tailored audiences on. You will be able to use similar data to create each list but target a specific genre of Twitter use to achieve the optimum aims of your social advertising campaign.

1. Competitor Lists

Analyze your major competitors to identify overlapping audiences.  For example, if you are a young tech publication looking to reach readers of Techcrunch, Mashable, and TheNextWeb. BirdSong can provide you the exports of their current followers. You may also want to download your own followers as well.

Cross-reference users who follow TechCrunch AND Mashable AND TheNextWeb, NOT your own publication. This will give you a large list of followers to target. With some more spreadsheet wizardry, you could segment these followers by:

  • Number of followers – to find users with the largest onward audience
  • Date of last tweet – to target active users
  • Volume of tweets – to engage very active tweeters
  • Biography lookup – search for key phrases in users biographies to more specifically target their interests
  • Location – based on where people have stated location in their biographies

2. Followers By Interest

“Actions Speak Louder than Words” – if 40% of Twitter users don’t tweet, you won’t be able to find them through social listening. You can identify them by their following actions. Like the competitor lists mentioned above, you can use BirdSong to create lists of people with related interests. Much like an email list, you can create a segment of people with overlapping interests.

For example, people that follow @LandRover and @Hunterboots and @HendricksGin may be your perfect audience and an export of their followers will help create custom lists to target the most relevant group of users.

3. Followers by their Biography

BirdSong Twitter reports include biography analysis of followers for any account. The biographies, represented in a tag cloud allow you to better understand followers by how they define themselves.

Unlike Twitter Analytics, our analysis is based on how a user defines themselves which offers a greater potential for accuracy. You can then expand or narrow your list to identify the best users to advertise to.

4. Predefined Twitter Lists

You can take the easy route and use a list already created by another user. These Twitter lists are great ways to get a predefined audience sector (e.g. tech journalists) which can be used for targeting.

You can read more about Twitter lists here.

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