How to Run Successful Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns are a key element to social media marketing, advertising, and social strategies. Hashtags are an effective method to raise brand awareness, promote new products, Twitter and Instagram competitions, and cause hype around your latest marketing campaigns.

You can use our Instagram Analytics to analyze hashtag campaigns and the effectiveness of hashtags for any public Instagram account.

Starting a hashtag campaign

Hashtag campaigns serve a crucial purpose in the social media world. As a fundamental aspect of digital strategies all over the world for large conglomerates and SMEs, hashtags still provide the same service, opening up more opportunities for reaching a larger audience, connecting with more social media users, and seeing more engagement on Instagram and Twitter.

The hashtag has become a focal technique for digital marketers and brands alike. The adoption of hashtags by multiple social platforms and vast social use has seen the # turn into an iconic symbol of the 21st-century, and along with that comes a heavy social media importance. Hashtags should not be forgotten about nor remain unconsidered when posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The hashtag even takes over TV, radio, and display ads all over the world causing the # to grow into an omni-channel wonder. With the power to engage users from across the globe shows the power of this tiny keyword function goes unrivaled at bringing social users together and creating. Therefore, hashtag campaigns should be part of your social media strategy.

Key aspects to consider when launching a hashtag campaign:

  • Be unique: The last thing you want is creating a campaign that is too similar to another brand or marketing effort.
  • Be relevant: Keep the hashtag applicable to your brand and mantra – E.g. Nike’s #JustDoIt is transferable, relevant, and their motto is so iconic it speaks for itself.
  • Universal: The hashtag needs to be transferable between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as well as further promotional means such as TV, paid ads, merchandise etc.
  • Be Smart: The idea behind the campaign needs to be engaging and innovative to ensure social media users will pay attention and engage.
  • Competitions: Instagram contests often rely on hashtags for entry and to raise awareness of the competition, the account, and the brand.

How to analyze hashtag campaigns

The overall goal of any hashtag campaign is to have an impact on Instagram. A successful campaign will cause a surge on social media, resulting in engagement and further use of the hashtag by other Instagrammers in their posts.

To analyze the effect of hashtag marketing, our Instagram Analytics will analyze posted about hashtags. You will be able to filter the date so that you can purely analyze hashtag data for the period of time that the campaign was active to see the most applicable and crucial results. With our Instagram Analytics, you will get the following hashtag insights:

  • Number of hashtags used in the account’s posts
  • The number of times most frequently used tags have been posted
  • Total number of likes and comments that hashtags receive
  • Average number of likes and comments that hashtags receive
  • A collection of most posted about hashtags
  • View posts for specific hashtags
  • Export of any public’s accounts most recent comments (latest 120 per post)
  • Export Instagram posts

hashtag campaign

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A key measure of campaign success will be the number of likes and comments that posts receive during the length of the campaign. Interaction with posts that feature the hashtag would be more relevant at the time of posting, become more popular on Instagram after reaching more users, which could lead to greater levels of future engagement and follower growth. Therefore, a core aim would be for the campaign hashtag to acquire more likes and comments than more generic Instagram hashtags.

Since Instagram changed their algorithm, replacing the chronological feed with a timeline based on user interest and popularity, gaining exposure has become a key factor to Instagram success and the # can play a pivotal role in achieving a larger amount of impressions for posts, as well as attracting a larger audience to the account and its posts.

BirdSong Instagram Analytics

Our Instagram Analytics can provide more than a hashtag analysis to indicate campaign success. Our social media analytic tool will provide you access to over 30 key metrics for any public Instagram account to help boost social media marketing efforts, analyze competitors, analyze contents and campaigns, as well as for advertising on the platform.

BirdSong Instagram Analytics will supply the following data points:

hashtag campaigns

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Our Instagram insights can be applied to your social media marketing plan to enhance hashtag campaigns. By posting at the most optimum time, your posts could reach more users and make a greater number of impressions. By identifying social media influencers, acquiring their services may help raise awareness of your brand’s hashtag. You can also export Instagram followers to discover more about your audience and benchmark pre and post-campaign growth by running reports prior and after the campaign to note change.

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