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Review your YouTube channel to explore valuable insights to help improve your video content, get more views, and appear higher up in YouTube search results.

Try our YouTube Analytics to access key data on your own or any public YouTube channel. Start a search here to begin analyzing.

Why should I review my YouTube channel?

Running a successful channel with large quantities of subscribers and plenty of regular views is the dream for vloggers and YouTubers all over the world. Gaining as many views as possible for videos is a core aim, but how is successful defined? A number of metrics can be applied to determine how well a YouTube channel and its videos perform. Of course, views and subscribers are a huge indicator, but there are always ways to improve and better your channel.

No matter what the purpose of your YouTube channel is, benchmarking its performance is a wise approach for monitoring campaign success and ongoing performance. Analyzing your channel, a brand’s, vlogger’s, or competitor is a vital method to access performance insights. This data can be used to determine how well a channel is doing and what can be done to improve it. That’s where our YouTube Analytics come in.

How to review your YouTube Channel

Conducting an analysis of any channel is easy with BirdSong Analytics. Our YouTube Analytics will analyze any public YouTube channel and return vasts amount of data for exploration. Our tool will provide you with over 30 key metrics, along with performance recommendations to help better optimize the channel and its video content.

Consider reviewing your YouTube channel for the following reasons:

  • Receive more views: will identify a number of key metrics and the data discovered could help enhance your YouTube video performance and help you gain more views.
  • Appear higher in search results: the total amount of views, the time a user spends watching the video, number of likes and comments all play their part in the outcome of where the video will rank.
  • Optimize titles and descriptions: The right length of YouTube titles and descriptions can play an important role in getting more views, more exposure in search results, and it will help YouTube better understand the context of your videos.

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How can BirdSong Analytics help?

Our YouTube Analytics is so much more than a standard analytical report. For your own channel, we provide powerful insights and recommendations on what to improve.

For your own channel, we provide powerful insights and recommendations on what to improve. The analysis report will highlight titles and descriptions that can be amended to match the optimum amounts of content to gain more views and rank higher in YouTube result pages. Video duration and tags can also impact this! Our report will clearly indicate which videos are lacking in these areas for an easy analysis.

Running a report on a vlogger or competitor can also provide key insights into the performance of their channel. Accessing this data could give you the edge when it comes down to video optimization which may help you secure more views and rank above them in search listings.

As YouTube often requires other platforms to boost views, exposure, and subscribers, you can also use our other social media tools to fully analysis all platforms where your videos are appearing and be shared. Take full advantage of all of our analytics tools:

Facebook Analytics

  • See if posts with the YouTube URL get more likes and comments
  • Discover how engaging posts are that send people to your channel and its videos
  • Identify the best time to post for greater levels of engagement

Twitter Analytics

  • See if tweets with YouTube URLs gain more likes and retweets than those without
  • Discover most used words that reference your channel and videos
  • Identify where your followers are located to tweet at the best time for maximum engagement and exposure

Instagram Analytics

  • See which of your Instagram account’s hashtags get the most likes and comments
  • Export Instagram and Twitter followers of your channels social profiles to identify its audience and for further advertising purposes

BirdSong YouTube Analytics

BirdSong YouTube Analytics gives you access to over 30 key metrics for any publicly available YouTube channel/videos, in easy to read charts plus data exports for your own offline analysis.

Get data on the ten factors that can affect YouTube performance, including posting frequency, video length, and use of titles and descriptions. These metrics also offer guidance for potential campaign improvements. Access data on the type of content produced and information on how the channel is using YouTube, including:

  • Duration of videos
  • Categories
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Use of links & tags

Our analytics can help pinpoint areas that can be improved. The above can impact the amount of views a video gets and where it appears in YouTube search results. Try our YouTube Demo Report here.

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