Most Popular Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Fashion bloggers on Instagram is one of the platforms most popular niches.

The blogger market has boomed thanks to Instagram with the likes of fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers dominating the feeds of its 700 million plus users.

Below we present the top fashion bloggers on Instagram, which you can view on our leaderboard.

Who are the most popular fashion bloggers on Instagram?

We know Fashion + Instagram is a massive hit. But who are the biggest hitters and how many followers do they have?

We have ranked top fashion and lifestyle bloggers by Instagram followers so that you can easily see who is the most popular on the platform. You can also use our leaderboard to track and monitor account growth and activity. We update them daily so you can view the newest data for each account.

Top five most followed fashion bloggers on Instagram:

  1. Chiara Ferragni – 10.1 million followers
  2. Mariano Di Vaio – 6 million followers
  3. Aimee Song – 4.6 million followers
  4. Julie Sarinana – 4.6 million followers
  5. Negin Mirsalehi – 4.1 million followers

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Fashion bloggers on Instagram leaderboard

At BirdSong we are constantly looking at new ways to provide insights.

We have created a leaderboard of the top fashion bloggers on Instagram. We are tracking the most popular fashion blogger accounts and have ranked them by the number of Instagram followers. The leaderboards and accounts tracker is updated daily so you have access to the latest and freshest datasets.

Information presented in the leaderboard:

  • Top Instagram fashion bloggers (based on follower count)
  • Follower growth/decline
  • Following growth/decline
  • Total number of posts (featuring growth/decline)
  • Easy to read graphs to highlight the above
  • Profile photo
  • Account biography

To view all the accounts we are tracking across a range of leaderboards, visit the BirdSong Analytics Leaderboards page for the latest headline stats and follower growth.

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*Data accurate as of August 2017.