8 Facebook KPIs You Must Focus on for Page Success

The world’s largest social media network boasts over 2 billion users. Ergo, a titanic pool of users that businesses need to take advantage of.

Our Facebook Analytics will return valuable insights which can indicate on-page success and overall performance of ANY page.

1. Facebook Engagement Rate

Are your posts engaging? This is one of the most fundamental questions you need to ask about your page.

Facebook engagement rates tell us how many fans have actually liked, shared, commented and clicked on the page’s posts. Of course, individual posts on any page will have varying levels of engagement. Measuring what type of content attracts the most likes, shares, and comments is vital to improving your Facebook strategy.

Comparing this to the average engagement rate for the category the page belongs to shows whether a page is under or overperforming. With BirdSong, you can check the Facebook engagement rate of pages you’re an admin of for free.

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A number of factors can influence fan growth such as the sharing of content, competitions, and marketing campaigns. When deploying such a social strategy, monitoring fan growth can help identify its success.

2. Top Facebook Posts

What are your page’s most popular posts? The number of likes, comments, and shares your posts receive can be a true indicator of content appreciation. If your fans are not engaging with your posts, why aren’t they?

A like is good, a comment better, and a share is best.

Learn from your top posts to see if you can replicate their engagement. Common themes may arise from further analysis such as a call to action, specific hashtags, or questioning your audience. With BirdSong Facebook Analytics, you can export all the posts from any Facebook page to CSV. Here, you can filter by likes, comments or shares to identify commonalities in performance.

3. Fan Reaction

Audience reactions allow your fans to better express their feelings about the content you have posted. In turn, this allows for more intricate public feedback on your posts which can indicate finer details surrounding approval of posts. For example, a greater number of fans reacting with ‘love’ could suggest they enjoy this post and should consider posting similar posts moving forward.

These reactions can be divided into positive or negative sentiment and over time you can identify which posts perform more positively according to your fans. Consequently, it may be wise to avoid posts that receive a negative audience reaction.

4. Best Type of Post

Running a Facebook Page is so much more than just updating its status. Facebook is a social gateway to your page for gaining a greater number of sessions, and if applicable, transactions and revenue. The type of post could dramatically affect these core measurements.

Post type can be key to engagement and exploring how these options can impact your page is a must. Visualisations are the key to social engagements and garner more likes, comments, and shares than textual updates.

However, each page may have a different best post type and this will depend on the nature of content shared on the page, marketing strategy, and target audience. We have seen that visuals such as photo updates and video content receives superior engagement, and if you’re not doing so already, you should seriously consider introducing them.

5. Facebook Post Activity

Your scheduling and posting could be the difference between getting clicks and reaching more users. When are you posting to Facebook? When are you not posting to Facebook?

Failing to post regularly or not enough may result in poorer social results. A lackluster social media calendar with minimal content posting may be detrimental to your online presence and you may even lose fans. Maintaining a healthy approach to sharing content frequently may be the key to page success and its overall performance on the network and on other dashboards such as Google Analytics.

Unlocking activity knowledge can help you identify times that you are missing out posting. With the 2 billion users, its very likely your audience will be global and be active on Facebook at different times of the day. The times you fail to capitalize on could be vital in attracting engagement and social sessions from an international audience. Thus boosting key business KPIs.

Sessions, click-throughs, and revenue from social could be the rewards you reap from more organized posting.

6. Best Time to Post

The best time to post on Facebook is the optimal time that your page should publish posts for potentially more engagement than usual. There are proven times based on historical analysis that can indicate the best time to post. Henceforth, you need to post at this time.

Posting at the best identified time could boost your social performance. Depending on the page, the post type and time for engagement may differ. Our analytics will return this information for any Facebook page.


The actual comments that fans share on your posts can be a real optimization ally. Not only are comment useful for extracting more information from fans, but what they say about your content can help improve future posts, as well as the marketing message in the status.

What is your audience actually saying on your posts? Is it positive or negative? Comment can also be an entry criterion to contests which can also be a way to unlock greater insight on your fans. With our Facebook Reports, you can download the latest primary comments from posts for further analysis such as sentiment or linguistic.

8. BirdSong Facebook Analytics

Our very own Facebook Analytics can analyze ANY page. You do not need to be admin or require the login details to access page insights. That’s what makes us perfect for analyzing multiple pages and your competitors.

We offer 30+ key metrics and you can use these insights to better your own page or understand more about another such as a fan, business or brand page. You can also export posts for further evaluation in Excel and Google Sheets.

Finally, you can get started and try our Facebook Demo Report here.

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