How to Scrape Facebook for Valuable & Rich Data

A Facebook scrape may be the first idea that pops into your head to access Facebook data. But will it really provide you with the insights you need? The likelihood is no. That’s where we come in.

BirdSong Facebook Analytics offer 30+ key metrics for ANY Facebook fan, brand or business page. There is no need to download any extra scraper software, nor do you need admin access to the page.

Simply search for the page and run the report to access key Facebook data. You’ll never have to scrape Facebook data again.

How to Scrape Facebook

Numerous methods exist when it comes down to scraping Facebook for data. Depending on the data you seek, a Facebook scrape may prove less than useful and a waste of time. Scrape Facebook to access data from pages via tools and software, but they will only return specific data points and these insights could be insufficient.

Scraping Facebook data may appear strategically wise to gather information on users and posts from a page, but how much will it really help you? It is not a recommended best practice to scrape Facebook data. Proper and more advantageous methods exist so you can get the best from Facebook and the data available. E.g. Our Facebook Analytics will provide you with more than the basic data on offer from a Facebook scrape.

BirdSong Facebook Insights will supply you with the following data on ANY fan, business or brand page:

  • Audience Insights: Review the location, genders, and growth of any page’s fans.
  • Post analysis: Access in-depth, rich data on all posts including the textual data, engagement stats, frequently used words, page activity, top posts, and more.
  • Data exports: Download comments and page posts to CSV or Excel for further review and analysis offline.

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Post Analysis & Exports

Extract all the posts from any Facebook page with BirdSong. We offer data exports as part of our standard Facebook reports so you can get all the valuable post data you need. Review and access all the posts in CSV or Excel to identify patterns and trends or analyze sentiment. Moving forward, this can help better optimize your content and social calendar.

Our Facebook Analytics will also return a full post analysis. We will provide key data points such as:

  • Post activity analysis
  • Best time to post on Facebook
  • Top posts by likes, comments, shares
  • Rank all posts by likes, comments, shares, or date
  • Engagement stats for posts and post type
  • Facebook post performance

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Download Facebook Comments

You won’t require Facebook scraping software to extract comments from pages. As part of our Facebook Analytics, we can provide you with the latest primary comments on the page’s posts. Download these comments to CSV or Excel for further review and analysis.

To harvest a larger volume of comments from specific posts or a collection of posts, our bespoke team can help get you the data you need. Email the team on [email protected] with your project specification and they will do their best to assist.

BirdSong Facebook Analytics

Never scrape Facebook again. BirdSong Facebook Analytics gives you access to over 30 key analytics for any publicly available Facebook page in easy to read charts. Our pay as you go reports include audience insights, engagement statistics, plus data exports of all the account’s posts and recent primary comments for you to download for offline analysis.

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To explore our analytics in full and the Facebook data available, sample our demo report which also features example data downloads.

Which Other Platforms Can I Extract Data From?

Rather than scraping Facebook and Facebook only, key insights from other social networks can also enhance your social media strategy.

We provide a number of social media analytics and data services. See how our tools can help you:

Alternatively, get in touch with [email protected] if there is a specific data set or social media insights that you seek and we will let you know how we can help.

About BirdSong Analytics

We are one of the world’s leading pay as you go social media analytics tool. BirdSong Analytics is trusted by brands, companies, organizations, universities, journalists, publishers and researchers in 120 countries around the world.

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Alternatively, if you’re looking to dive deeper into your social media data, then check out BirdSong Data. BirdSong Data provides you with access to our database of over half a billion social media profiles.