10 Things we know about Senator Doug Jones Twitter account

As news breaks of a Democrat win for Senator Doug Jones, we take a look at his Twitter account to see what can be learnt about the latest US Senator to be elected.

These insights were taken from our Twitter Analytics report for Doug Jones. You can analyze any US Senator or public Twitter account, including a full export of their followers, with our on demand reports.

This is what we know:

  1. His account is @GDouglasJones – not to be confused with the Hellboy actor Doug Jones!
  2. Doug joined Twitter in June 2011
  3. Doug follows Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Potus and @WhiteHouse but not Donald Trump
  4. None of these accounts [yet] follow him back.
  5. Doug is not an active Tweeter – only 527 Tweets in his whole time
  6. 37% of his lifetime Tweets were in December
  7. 12% of his lifetime Tweets were in the past 48 hours
  8. Last night’s Tweet ‘Thank You Alabama’ was by far his most popular – Retweeted 138,504 times so far
  9. #rightsideofhistory
  10. Most Tweets are from an iPhone using the Twitter iPhone app, followed by an Android Phone.