Super Bowl LII: Battle of the Brands 2018

The 2018 Super Bowl is the ultimate showdown of the NFL season.

Super Bowl LII pits the New England Patriots against the Philidelphia Eagles on Sunday, February 4.

Social media now plays a greater role in global events; especially Instagram which now has an active user base of more than 800 million. Super Bowl hashtags and posts will be ever popular as users all other the world will share football uploads, back teams and players, as well as engage with brands.

Patriots vs. Eagles

Instagram will be a major platform for Super Bowl mentions.

Both teams have official Instagram accounts and share posts regularly to millions of followers and fans.

Both accounts are likely to draw massive amounts of attention across the Super Bowl weekend, as well as acquire new followers come the crowning moments. But, it is not just the teams that have cult followings. Brands and player accounts will also be accounts to watch during SB52 as they look to harness maximum Instagram awareness and benefit from user mentions, engagement, and tagged posts.

Super Bowl 2017: Instagram Analysis

According to Facebook IQ, 44 million users joined in the conversation on Instagram, which resulted in 150 million interactions.

They also state that the most popular hashtags for the event were:

  1. #superbowl
  2. #patriots
  3. #riseup

The Patriots were crowned Super Bowl champions in 2017, and another victory could see them become one of the most popular Super Bowl hashtags again.

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Tom Brady: The One to Watch

Tom Brady is one of the most successful Super Bowl players ever. All eyes will definitely be on the Patriot’s QB as he looks to lead his team to another Super Bowl victory and extend his NFL legacy.

He is not just popular on the pitch…

Tom Brady (@tombrady) has over 3.5 million followers, far greater than that of the Patriots or Eagles, and he is one of the sports most followed athletes. To put this into perspective, Nick Foles, the Eagles QB, doesn’t even have an Instagram account.

With frequent Patriots posts, it could be suggested that he gains more exposure on Instagram than the official team account. This could open up more avenues for potential branding, marketing, and advertising opportunities. For example, he has recently published a paid post with Aston Martin.

An Advertising Extravaganza

Super Bowl ads will be one of the events biggest talking points of the spectacle.

Littered with commercials from some of the world’s best-known brands, the Super Bowl doesn’t shy away from using any free time to showcase ads.

That’s not the only thing. Ad prices have risen for seven years on the bounce, and ad cost for the Super Bowl has grown quicker than inflation over recent years. Advertisers are even paying over and above $5 million for a 30-second commercial during the game.

What Could $5 Million Super Bowl Ad Spend Get You On Social?

According to DigiDay, for the price of a single 30-second Super Bowl ad, this is what you can get on social media:

  • 2.6 billion Instagram impressions
  • 260 million video views on Instagram
  • Reach 113 million people on Facebook
  • 450 million Facebook impressions in a week
  • 8 posts from Instagram’s most followed person

With that in mind, 2017’s Super Bowl peaked at 111 million TV viewers in the US.

Super Bowl LII Advertisers on Instagram

We are monitoring and tracking the Instagram accounts of the major brands who will be showcasing commercials during the 2018 Super Bowl.

With brand accounts ranging from tens-of-thousands of followers to two million plus, they already have an established following. With commercials already finalized and ready for the game, many of these brands have taken to opportunity to flood the timelines of their audience with their Super Bowl ad. And, this won’t just stop with their existing fans. Instagram ads will be a hot topic over the Super Bowl weekend as brands will seek maximum exposure on the ads for ultimate return.


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