We now accept Alipay

We are delighted to announce our integration with Alipay. Now you can buy reports and credits with your Alipay account. To use Alipay, simply follow the checkout process and choose Alipay instead of a credit card payment.


New Update: Offline Reports

Our latest update brings you rich offline reports for network in one place.

With one click, the PDF report will now give you the full report analysis and graphs for offline analysis. Our Post/Tweet exports and follower/following exports will contain all the additional data needed for those looking to dig deeper into the data.

You can find the PDF reports available on all Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reports with YouTube updating soon.


Cheat Sheet: UK Supermarkets on Facebook

Facebook is an important social platform for UK supermarkets to engage with potential customers and fans. Facebook helps supermarkets promote produce, advertise special deals, assist their consumers, and maintain a brand presence online.

Taking insights from BirdSong Facebook Analytics, we can provide you with some key Facebook metrics for the most popular UK Supermarkets. BirdSong helps you identify key Facebook insights for any Facebook page such as brands and businesses. Use our Facebook Data to analyse multiple pages to create wider industry insights and benchmarks.

See also: how the Wall Street Journal and the Drum used our Facebook Insights.


The Most Engaging Formula One Team on Facebook

Formula One is one of the world’s most spectated sports. The evolution of social media allows more fans to engage with their favorite teams and drivers, and Formula One on Facebook is bigger than ever.

Taking data from May 2017 we have ranked the official Facebook pages of all 10 F1 teams, first by the number of total fans, and second re-ordered them to rank by engagement rate. The team in Pole Position for engagement may not be who you expect.


Best Time to Post on Facebook

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Identifying the best time to post on Facebook can dramatically help improve your Facebook engagement, potential reach, clicks, and drive more traffic. The best time to post on Facebook will differ based on industry, audience, region and other factors, all of which will influence the best time to post on Facebook.

best time to post on facebook

Discovering the best time to post could easily reshape and improve a social media strategy, but it may not be an instant exercise and a process of testing and growth to find the best time may be required. The best time to post on Facebook may not be the same for everybody, but with so many brands attempting to influence consumers, identifying the most optimum time to post could see you outperform competitors, improve overall engagement rate, and drive more traffic.


Three Ways to Identify the Best Time to Tweet

When is the best time to tweet? 

Hundreds of millions of people use Twitter every single month and it can become easy for tweets to get lost in news feeds and timelines. But, identifying the best time to tweet has the potential to enhance your social strategy and boost content engagement.

BirdSong Analytics can help you identify the best time to tweet for any Twitter account that you to would like to analyze. Get started with our Twitter Analytics today.


Product Updates: Download Facebook and Instagram Comments

We are delighted to introduce new data exports for our Facebook and Instagram Reports available from today.

For each report we are including the latest comments on every Instagram post and the latest primary comments on posts for Facebook Fan/Business Pages. Read on to understand what data can be downloaded and how it can be used..