How to Tweet in 280 Characters

Twitter is reportedly testing 280 character tweets. However, this feature is only available to a small sample of users. But, there are a few workarounds so you too can send 280 character tweets without being part of this special little group.

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Macron Twitter Followers Surge After Round One Victory

Emmanual Macron gained more Twitter followers than Marine Le Pen as he cruised to victory in the first round of the French Presidential Election.

We have been tracking the growth of the French Presidential hopefuls and after the first round votes, we have seen a spike in Twitter followers for the leading candidates that are Macron and Le Pen. It is predicted that Macron and Le Pen will go head-to-head in the runoff on May 7, 2017.

We have used BirdSong Data to track follower growth.

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100 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Who has the most followers on Instagram? We present the list of the 100 accounts with the most Instagram followers.

Instagram is very much about who has more followers than who. Competition to be the most followed person on Instagram is a serious matter. Being popular on the platform is desirable to the famous, as well millions of other users from each corner of the world.

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What are the Most Popular Facebook Posts in Masters History?

Our Facebook Analytics has identified the best performing posts from the 2017 Masters Tournament, and Sergio Garcia’s winning putt at Augusta is up there as one of the top posts on the Official Masters Facebook page.

An analysis of the Masters fan page revealed the performance of all the accounts posts for the last four tournaments, providing insights into the most liked, commented on, and shared post, the type of most, most mentioned words in the posts, as well as other key Facebook statistics.

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Which US Senators Have the Most Fans on Facebook?

US senators are popular figures on Facebook and those with the most fans on Facebook can be classed as more popular.

Members of the US Senate have their own dedicated Facebook pages where they can keep their supporters updated. Many senators have hundreds-of-thousands of Facebook fans and in some cases even millions. Facebook fans can help amplify the social messages of US senators, which helps their posts reach a larger number of users. As Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, sharing content and tagging others in comments, can spread political messages across the internet.

But which US senators have the most fans on Facebook?

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