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With BirdSong Analytics you can export all the members and subscribers of any publicly available Twitter list.

For each export you will download a .csv file of members and subscribers.

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Twitter Lists are associated with the original creator of the list. To find the list, search for the Twitter account and select ‘Twitter Lists’ from the left hand menu. Add the account to your basket, checkout and you will receive an email with the two list downloads.

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What are Twitter lists?

Twitter lists are a feature that many millions of users fail to take advantage of.

Twitter lists are a curated group of Twitter users. Present since 2009, Twitter lists can be created by anyone with an account and lists created by another user can be subscribed to and followed. Users can manage up to 1,000 lists which can have a maximum of 5,000 members in each one.

Lists can effectively create an alternate timeline, where only the tweets of those who have been added to the list can be seen. You do not even have to follow the other users, hence the purpose of the list.

Anybody with a Twitter account can create a Twitter list. They can be based upon a specific follower topic or specialist set of individual users to create a collective hub.

Twitter lists exist in two forms, private or public. Public lists can be accessed by anyone in the same way that a twitter profile is publicly available.

Any account can add any other user to a list. If you are added to a list, you will be notified and can then view it to see its title, gauge an idea of topic and see those who are members and subscribe to the list you feature in. You can even choose to follow every member!

How are Twitter Lists useful?

Twitter lists can serve multiple purposes.

As a method of categorisation, Twitter lists can be utilised to form an array of multiple timelines, all accessible via desktop, iOS and Android platforms – quintessentially, all you need is a Twitter account.

Fundamentally, Twitter lists can be a method of discovering new social communities. Creating communities within the ‘Twittersphere’ is a prime example of why Twitter lists can be useful. These societies can feature a vast variety of ‘tweeters’ to form a compilation of interests, divided into industries/sectors and even to group updates and tweets from competitors and brands.

An archive of Twitter users can be used to form a catalogue of topics and as highlighted above, create a collective of Twitter users that revolve around a specialist nature, for example, a list of influencing digital marketers or a selection of similar brands and this effectively generates a specific timeline that only the user is interested in. If this list is ‘public’ other users ardent in similar topics may end up subscribing to the list.

Twitter lists are more than likely to include content that the user has a passion for, keen on, or to avoid the bulk from a more social news feed. It also means you are less likely to miss out on the tweets classed as important.

5 Benefits of using Twitter Lists

Twitter lists provide many benefits that can optimise and improve your Twitter experience.

Lists are a feature that has infinite possibilities and are created by the imaginative minds of users so there is a high chance there will be Twitter lists to cater for any interest.

1. With over 300 million ‘active’ monthly users, Twitter lists can allow us to focus on one audience or a select group of people and filter out the ‘noise’. Twitter lists are a great and easy way to follow a very select audience. Twitter lists exist on a mixture of things and could be so niche with a mere handful of members. Whatever you can think of, however big or small, can be turned into a Twitter list.

2. Creating lists and adding a magnitude of users could encourage a follower growth. When you add someone to a Twitter list they become notified. More followers may equal more reach and engagement and before you know it you are getting added to more and more lists.

3. Twitter lists can actually be used as a resource for other users. Whether it be to receive the latest tweets from social media experts or see the latest GIFs of cats, the information gained from Twitter lists can be very usual to the appropriate audience.

4. A list can be created to store a group of Twitter accounts to engage with at a later date. With all members isolated in one place, another account may exercise the option to follow all members at a later point and this may encourage follow back too. This is a good idea for new accounts who know their audience or industry.

5.Twitter lists can also assist marketing campaigns. Creating a list based on a tailored audience has the ability to benefit Twitter Ads. This usually involves targeting users who are ‘active’ and the campaign may see them return to your company/brand.

How can you use Twitter lists?

  • Twitter lists have infinite possibilities. You can use them for building communities, as an online resource, marketing campaigns, blogger outreach and much more. These lists could become valuable to you and many others.
  • The qualities of Twitter lists are very much like directories. It can be a great way to keep tabs on social categorisation. E.g. you could create a list that features work colleagues, academic alumni, digital influencers, brands etc. By segmenting lists, you can track the appropriate tweets and filter out the other timeline noise.
  • The most common way users utilise the list feature is for categorisation or subscribing to pre-generated lists of interests. You can see Twitter users lists on their profiles or search for them. User created lists are great for outreach and as an external online resource.
  • Creating lists can help you keep your news feed tidy and others may subscribe, therefore they are beneficial to the rest of the ‘Twitterverse’. Twitter removed the ability to search for lists, but do not fear, we have found an alternate way to do exactly this. If what you are looking for does not appear, then you could create the list yourself! Click here to discover how to search for Twitter lists.
  • Twitter lists can be a great way to kickstart blogger outreach. You could search for a list of relevant bloggers and interact with them there and then or save engagement for a later date. The fact is, you will have the required list of users.

How Twitter Lists can be used for Blogger Outreach

The lists can be used to collate bloggers and split them into all the genres that there are. Twitter lists can also be used as an efficient tool to monitor all the bloggers you need, all in one place.

With an inflation in blogs and vlogs, the people behind their success are being considered as online influencers. They have an abundance of fans and followers and using them as a source for business is proving more popular than ever.

Twitter lists can be created on top or influential bloggers on industry relevant topics and companies and business can utilise them for product promotion and reviews. As a revenue stream, the right blogger may be a wise investment.

Twitter lists and BirdSong

With every List export, BirdSong provides a lot more data than you can see on Twitter.com – this includes, for each member of a list, their name, biography and most importantly a link to their website (if they included one.) With a handful of reports, you could have a list of 500 or more bloggers and their website addresses which would save a massive amount of time.

BirdSong Analytics has the ability to export any Twitter list from any Twitter account. As long as the list is public, we are able to export Twitter lists to .csv, providing the full profile for each list member and subscriber. The .csv is completely compatible with both Excel and Google Docs.

Twitter list export comes as part of our Twitter Analytics. With our ‘pay as you go’ pricing you will not have any monthly fees to commit to, just simply pay for the reports you wish to run.

Export Twitter Lists vs Export Twitter Followers

Twitter lists are different to export followers. A list can be created by any user and subscribed to by any user. Subscribing to a list is different to following an account, you don’t have the follow the account to see the tweets.

Followers of a list are called subscribers and people in the list are called members. A BirdSong report would provide the details of both subscribers and members.

BirdSong can also export Twitter followers for any account.

How to Search for Twitter Lists

There are two ways to search for Twitter lists.

1. User Profiles

i. Select the lists button from any Twitter user.

ii. Choose ‘subscribed to’ or ‘member of’

iii Review the lists and pick the right one e.g. https://twitter.com/kardy1/lists/overseas-digital-mktg

iv. On each list page, you can select members or subscribers from the top left box.

 2. Twitter Search

Copy this URL site:twitter.com inurl:lists <politics>

ii. swap the word politics for whatever term you need

ii. When the results appearing Google select the list you need.

iv. This will provide you with a list of Twitter lists.

NB Twitter recently changed its search function which is why we have this workaround.

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