Facebook Analytics For Any Public Pages

BirdSong Facebook Analytics gives you access to over 30 key metrics for any publicly available business, brand or fan page.

Our pay as you go reports include audience insights, engagement analysis, plus data exports of all the account’s posts and recent primary comments for you to download for further analysis.

Facebook analytics

About our Facebook Analytics

BirdSong Analytics is the world’s leading pay as you go social media analytics tool, trusted by brands, companies, organizations, universities, social media practitioners, journalists, publishers and researchers in 120 countries around the world.

You can use our Facebook Analytics to access, for any public page:

  • Over 30 key metrics, presented in easy to read tables and charts.
  • Audience insights, and engagement rate performance vs the category benchmark from our database of over 9 million Facebook pages.
  • Analyze competitors to understand Facebook fan page performance.
  • Better understand how different types of posts impact engagement & performance.
  • Export of all the page's posts for you to download for further evaluation offline.

Our Facebook insights help social media marketers assess the pages they manage and research client pages for detailed reporting and presentations. You can analyze any page to get the insights you need - just pay for the reports you want when you want them.

Facebook reports

Detailed online reports with valuable insights in easy to understand graphics and charts

Our Facebook analytics tool includes an extensive range of essential performance metrics, providing you with greater insight into any public Facebook page (see examples below). Export post data for deeper, offline analysis.

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    Data Export to CSV

    Download all the page’s posts to Excel or Google Sheets. You can use this dataset to identify patterns, analyze content to discover trends, and see what type of content performs well. Ideal for sharing with clients.

  • facebook insights

    Benchmark Account VS Facebook Category

    We will check and compare the page's performance against thousands of other pages in the same Facebook category, so you'll be able to compare the number of fans, and page engagement rate vs category averages. How do you compare?

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    Best Time to Post to Optimize Engagement

    Discover the best day and time of day for pages to post to get likes, shares or comments. Use this data to optimize your own social media schedule or to research competitor activity. These insights could be the difference in your pages beating the news feed algorithm.

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    Facebook Post Analytics

    Explore an analysis of all the page’s posts (from the very first post, with date range filter) including: number of posts, average engagement rate/type per post, post type, and popular words used by the account in its posts. See the top posts and discover what could replicate this success.

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    Facebook Page Post Performance

    In your report, you will be able to rank all the page’s posts by the total number of likes, shares, and comments. Download posts for a finer, richer review to devise your strategy's next steps. Run fresh reports for updated results for comparisons.

  • Facebook Demo Report

    Explore our demo report to browse an example of our standardized report. The insights & data present in the sample is representive of the paid analytics.

Key elements of our Analytics Tool

Below we’ve highlighted a selection of vital insights that can be drawn from the analysis and how you can effectively use our reports.

If you would like help with any of the following, or would like more advanced analytics or reporting, then please get in touch with our Bespoke Team.

Our bespoke reports team can help you gain further social media insights.

Want to do something with our data that our reports don’t offer? There are a number of services that our bespoke reports team can help you with.

Bespoke reports

We also offer a bespoke reports service where our in-house development team can create and build custom analyses for you, using the Facebook data we generate. This includes:

  • Leaderboards to track ongoing performance of 10+ chosen Facebook pages
  • Automated monthly updates: We can set up monthly (or weekly) reports for you on any number of pages that you wish to track and frequently monitor

If you have a bespoke requirement that you would like to discuss with our in-house development team, please do get in touch at: [email protected]

Exporting all Facebook Comments

Due to Facebook restrictions, our standard reports do not include all post comments. We can only provide the latest primary comments.

  • Latest Comments – the most recent comments on posts at the time you run the report.
  • Primary Comments – comments relating to the original post. We do not index the comments on comments or threaded discussions.

Our bespoke team can help you index more primary comments for selected posts or date ranges. Exporting all comments will take longer and cost more than standard Analytics reports.

Please use the Live Chat or leave us a message to understand more about indexing Facebook comments, the opportunities, and the limitations.

Our Research Team

If you would like to use BirdSong Analytics for a research project but don’t have time to run the reports and do the analysis, our research team can help.

They regularly work with clients (large and small) to provide answers to questions that they have about how sectors and competitors are using Twitter.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with our research team, please get in touch.

Did you know we offer more than just Facebook Analytics?

BirdSong provides online reports, social media analytics, & exports for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube. All reports are 'pay as you go', include over 30 key metrics presented in clear data visualizations. Also, download analytics to PDF.

Should you be looking for more social media tools, check out Postchup. Postchup offers hashtag analytics, Instagram account analytics, as well as comment exports for Instagram & Facebook posts.

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