Facebook Data from ANY Brand, Business, or Fan Page

Download Facebook data from any page of any size, & with our reports, you will also access 30+ key metrics to apply to your strategy or for competitive insights.

Export data & posts to CSV for a more in-depth analysis.

Download Facebook Data with BirdSong Analytics
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We provide Facebook Data and insights for ANY public brand, business, or fan page as part of our leading Facebook Analytics reports.

You can use our analytics data for research & access insights, for ANY pages:

  • Download post data and primary comments to CSV/Excel for a finer review
  • Explore key page data such as audience insights and engagement analysis
  • Analyze 30 key metrics in easy-to-read graphs and charts
  • Competitive engagement rate data and comparison

Our data has been used by the following publications

The Guardian Retail Week Grazia Inc Moz Marketing Land
Facebook Data for any public fan page

Facebook Data & Insights for any public page

Run a report for any Facebook page to access data and insights. You don't need to be the page administrator or log into Facebook.

Facebook Post Data

Download Post Data

Download all post data to .csv for offline analysis or archiving. Each post includes full url, text content and count of likes, comments & shares.

Fan Data

Fan Data

Access fan data including fan location and recent fan growth.

Comment Data

Comment Data

Download the latest primary comments from every Facebook post (standard) or request all the comments from selected posts (additional charges may apply.)

Facebook Page Data

Receive key data from the Facebook page including:

  • Number of fans
  • Number of people talking about the page
  • Overall engagement rate
  • Gender and names of fans (where identifiable)
  • Audience location
  • Historic fan growth
  • Facebook post analytics

facebook data

Facebook Post Data

Download data and access graphs and analysis of all the page’s posts (from the very first post, with filter by date range) including:

  • Number of posts
  • Average engagement rate per post
  • Number and percentage of post type (video, image, status, links)
  • Average number of post types (video, image, status, links)
  • Average likes, comments, and shares per post
  • Commonly published words by the page in its posts

facebook data for research

Comparitive Data

Checking against our index of over 10 million fan pages, we:

  • Compare number of fans vs. category average
  • Compare engagement rate vs. category average

For a full list of Facebook categories please visit birdsonganalytics.com/facebook-engagement-rates

Facebook Data - Engagement Rates

Engagement Data

Our Facebook Analytics will return a range of page and post data:

  • Overall page engagement rate (at the time of reporting)
  • Engagement rate comparison vs page category
  • Average engagement per post type
  • Average reactions per post type
  • Best type of post for engagement
  • Best time to post for engagement
  • Historic engagement data

download facebook data

Audience Insights

For any fan, brand, or business page, BirdSong will provide key fan data:

  • Name of fans (where identifiable)
  • Gender of fans (where identifiable)
  • Location of fans
  • Historic fan growth

facebook fan data

Download Facebook Data

Export all the page’s posts for your own Facebook analysis.

Plus, export posts with comments, all to CSV or Excel.

facebook data download

Facebook Data from BirdSong Analytics

Our Facebook Analytics will let you run reports to access 30+ key metrics on any Facebook Page.

Along with Facebook data, we also supply key social media data from the other major platforms. To acquire a complete social dataset, consider:

Which Facebook Data Can I Download?

For any brand, business, or fan page, you can download data from all posts.

For privacy reasons, Facebook does not allow us to access or download personal fan profiles that have ‘liked’ pages. If you need audience data, try:

Here is a sample of the post data we provide:

  • Post ID (created by Facebook)
  • Time & date of post (UTC)
  • Post type e.g. photo/video/status/link
  • Content analysis (text supplied in post)
  • Link to the post
  • All available posts from the page
  • Download of recent primary comments

You can download Facebook data points via PDF to access and research the full report and all its valuable insights.

Download Facebook Comments

Due to Facebook restrictions, our standard reports do not include all post comments, but, we provide the latest primary comments.

  • Latest Comments – the most recent comments for posts at the time of your report.
  • Primary Comments – comments relating to the original post. We do not index the comments on comments or threaded discussions.

You will only be able to download Facebook comments from Pages, not personal accounts. Our bespoke team can help you index more comments for selected posts or date ranges. Exporting all primary comments will take longer and cost more than standard analytical reports.

Please use Live Chat or leave us a message to understand more about indexing Facebook comments, the opportunities, and the limitations.

Do you provide Fan downloads?

Not at this time. Unlike Instagram, Facebook does not provide a simple list of a page’s fans or followers. We can analyze the engaged fans (anyone who has liked, commented or shared a post).

What does BirdSong Analytics offer over and above Facebook’s own analytics?

You will be able to access useful Facebook data about pages you manage through Facebook’s own analytics tool. For example, you will be able to look at:

  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Page views
  • Actions on page
  • Posts & types of post
  • Fans

However, Facebook Insights does not give you this information for accounts that you don’t manage or have not been given access to. This is where BirdSong Analytics can help.

With our social media tool, you can buy reports to look at the Facebook data for other pages and see how they are using the platform. This allows you to research the Facebook statistics for clients, competitors and other public accounts that you are interested in.

Bespoke Data

We also offer a bespoke reports service alongside our Facebook Reports where our in-house development team can create and build custom analysis reports for you using our data. This includes:

  • Leaderboards to track ongoing performance of 10+ chosen Facebook pages
  • Automated monthly updates: We can set up a monthly (or weekly) report for you on any number of pages that you want to track regularly
  • Fan enhancement: We can help you understand more about your audience by matching them to their accounts on other social channels

If you have a bespoke requirement that you would like to discuss with our in-house development team, why not get in touch at: [email protected]

Our Research Team

If you would like to use BirdSong Analytics for a research project but don’t have time to run the reports and do the analysis, our research team can help. They regularly work with clients (large and small) to provide answers to questions that they have about how sectors and competitors are using Twitter.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with our research team, so do get in touch.

About BirdSong Analytics

BirdSong Analytics is used by agencies, publishers, researchers, journalists, legal firms, data analysts, SMEs, charities, large corporations and individuals across the world.

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