Export Instagram Followers

Export all of the Instagram followers or following of any public account to CSV

You don't need to sign up for a monthly subscription and we won't ask you to log in with your social media account. Just pay for the exports you need.

Our reports also include over 30 key metrics, presented in easy to read tables and charts.

  • User ID

    Instagram user ID
  • Username

    Instagram username
  • Gender

    Where identifiable
  • First Name

    If available
  • Last Name

    If available
  • Avatar URL

    URL to the profile photo
  • Biography

    Instagram bio text
  • Total Followers

    Followers count
  • Total Following

    Following count
  • URL

    Website URL if provided
  • Verified

    If the user is verified
  • Total Posts

    Total photos posted

Export Instagram followers from ANY public account.

With BirdSong Analytics you can export all the Instagram followers of any public Instagram account to CSV or Excel. The followers export includes the fields listed above.

Each BirdSong Analytics report also includes an export of the account's posts, a download of the profiles that the accounts follows, and over 30 key metrics in easy to read tables and charts.

The prices of our reports, which come with our Instagram follower exports, are based on the number of account followers & following, using a simple credit system. For some larger reports, we may ask you to contact us directly for bespoke pricing and timescales.

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Five simple steps

What can I do with my follower exports?

Below we’ve listed nine different ways you can use your Instagram follower exports.

If you would like help with any of the following, or would like to do something more advanced, then please get in touch with our Bespoke Team, at BirdSong Data.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exporting Instagram Followers.

We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about exporting followers to help you get started with BirdSong Analytics’ Instagram follower exports.

How can I export Instagram followers?

Export Instagram followers from any public Instagram account effortlessly with BirdSong Analytics.

Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Use the search bar to preview the Instagram accounts
  2. Select the Instagram account you want, check the price and report run time
  3. Add to basket, register your account with a few simple details and pay with a credit/debit card
  4. We will email the report and follower export to you when they are ready
  5. Open the Instagram follower export in Excel, Pages or upload to Google Sheets

Is there a limit to the number of followers I can export?

No, with BirdSong Analytics, there is no size limit to the number of followers/following that our reports can export from Instagram accounts. Larger accounts simply cost more and may take longer to run.

Can I export followers from other Instagram accounts?

Yes, BirdSong Analytics has been designed to analyze any public account with Instagram follower/following exports without the need for you to have administrator access to them. This is one of our many USP’s.

Can I augment the exported Instagram follower data?

Yes, we can help you associate Instagram accounts with other social networks as part of our bespoke projects.

We are working to increase the follower insights with greater location accuracy, income and age details. To achieve these, we need to include further datasets that need to meet our strict requirements on scale and validity of data.

Can I export Instagram followers to CSV?

Yes, Instagram provides the data in a textual format. We take that data and convert it into CSV which is easily downloadable. A standard CSV can only handle 65,000 rows (newer versions can handle millions but we need to work for everyone.) Depending on the size of follower accounts we will provide multiple CSV’s, available in a zip folder.

Can I export Instagram followers to Excel, Numbers or Google Docs?

At present, we provide a CSV download for each account. You can save this directly to your desktop, or connect with Dropbox and save all exports in your own account. The CSV can be opened in Excel or uploaded to Google Docs. At present, we don’t provide a connection to Google Docs but we’re working on it!

How long will it take to export the followers?

Before you purchase your report, we will provide you with an estimated report run time. This will vary depending on the number followers/following that your chosen account has.

Take a look at the other reports that BirdSong Analytics offers.

The Instagram follower/following exports are part of any Instagram Analytics report which includes over 30 key metrics in easy to read tables, and useful analysis such as the best time to post and more in-depth follower profiling. You can learn more about our Instagram Analytics.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to dive deeper into your social media data, then check out BirdSong Data.

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