Social Media Data for Export & Analysis

BirdSong Analytics provides access and analysis of Social Data as part of our standard analytics reports or bespoke data solutions. We can index and analyze large volume of social media data including Tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts and audience profiling for Twitter and Instagram.

Our 'Pay as you Go' pricing means you only pay for the data you need, without monthly fees.

BirdSong Analytics
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BirdSong Analytics is the world’s leading pay as you go Social Media Data Platform, used by big data analysts, pollsters, journalists, publishers and researchers in 120 countries around the world.

You can use our Social Media Data to access, for any public page or account:

  • Over 30 key metrics for each network, presented in easy to read tables and charts
  • A Twitter data export of the followers & following of your chosen Twitter account
  • An Instagram data export of the followers & following of your chosen Twitter account
  • A data export of its last 3,200 tweets for you to download for your own offline analysis
  • A data export of all Facebook posts and recent comments from any public Facebook fan page
  • A data export of all Instagram posts from any public Instagram account
  • An export of all post data from any public YouTube channel

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Twitter Data for any public account

Twitter Data

Index & Export the latest 3,200 Tweets and all the followers & following of any public Twitter account.

Facebook Data

Facebook Data

Analyze & Export all Fan Page post data for any Facebook Fan Page. (Fan data not available.)

YouTube Data

YouTube Data

Full video data for any Public YouTube channel.

Instagram Data

Instagram Data

Analyze & Export all post data from any public Instagram account, download all the followers & following data.

Social media data is the information collected from social networks that includes the post content (e.g. posts, Tweets), audience data (e.g. fans & followers) and the interactions between these two data sets e.g likes, comments, shares. Social Data can be further extended to include wider correlations between audience and post data including time of day, the day of the week or content types and filters.

These data sets can be used to create more compelling content, more engaging accounts or to create audience sets for targeted engagements and advertising.

BirdSong Analytics is one of the World’s leading providers of social media data. We are used globally every day to access and analyze data across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. From our standard ‘Pay as you Go’ reports to the creation of bespoke big data sets, we can provide access and analysis for social media data.

What Social Network Data Sources are available?

BirdSong Analytics can provide data from the following social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Our bespoke teams can also support data access and analysis from Foursquare, Pinterest, and other niche social networks.

What Social Media Data can I access?

With our standard analytics reports, analysis and exports of data are available as standard. These include:

Twitter Data 

Historic Tweets – Twitter limits historic Tweets to the last 3,200 Tweets for any public account. The limit is not time-based, so 3,200 Tweets may represent a week of Tweets or a year of Tweets. Our Twitter Analytics reports analyze and provide an export of the latest 3,200 Tweets. This data includes the Tweet content, Tweet date, engagement metrics and Twitter platform used. You can learn more about exporting Tweets or search for a Twitter account to analyze.

Follower/Following Data

For any Twitter account, we can analyze and export all the Twitter followers and following of any public account. We have no restriction on the size of account we analyze. The larger reports take longer to run and cost more; that is all!

Our customers find the Twitter data invaluable for creating tailored audiences and ‘lookalike audiences’ for Twitter Advertising while others are using the data to augment existing customer profiles to understand more about their activity and interests. You can read more in our use cases.

Data for each Twitter user includes:

  • Twitter handle
  • First name & surname (if provided)
  • Date they joined Twitter
  • Date of the last tweet
  • Active/inactive status (defined by BirdSong algorithm)

We do not provide email addresses from Twitter accounts. Twitter does not share this information, but some companies can provide workarounds. Read more in our article here.

Click here to learn more about our Twitter Data or click here to download a sample of the Follower Data

Facebook Data

Facebook has strict privacy filters in place to ensure personal information is not shared with third parties not authorized by the individual Facebook user.

We can still provide a rich seam of Facebook post data, invaluable for companies looking to analyze large numbers of Facebook posts from multiple pages.

For any fan page, we can access and provide all post data from the date of the first post.

Our Facebook Post data includes:

  • Post ID
  • Created time (UTC)
  • Post type
  • Content (text content)
  • Total likes
  • Total comments
  • Total shares
  • Post URL

Learn More about Fan Page Data

Instagram Data

Download Instagram Images – you can download all of your Instagram images with our free tool. You will need to log in with your Instagram account. Click here to learn more.

Follower Data

Instagram currently provides followers so you can’t get a full export of all follower data. The information they provide within this export is also quite limited. The Instagram follower data you can retrieve is currently:

  • Username
  • First name & surname (if provided)
  • Biography (if provided)
  • Gender (BirdSong analysis based on first name)
  • Website/URL if provided
  • Link to their Instagram page

Instagram Post Data

We can retrieve all the posts from any public Instagram account. The data for these can be useful to understand more about the text content of a post (the comment on each image), hashtags, engagement metrics and more.

In our standard reports, we do not download the image itself, but you can use our free Instagram photo download if you need to back up your own pictures.

Data Points available for any Instagram Post:

  • Post type (image or video)
  • DateStamp
  • Day of week posted
  • Caption content
  • Filter used
  • Number of likes on the post
  • Number of comments on the post
  • Link to the image post

Click here to download a sample data set from Instagram
You can learn more about our Instagram Analytics here.

YouTube Data

Like Facebook, YouTube doesn’t readily offer audience data, instead focusing on video metadata and video performance data. With every YouTube Analytics report, BirdSong Analytics provides a collection of data around each and every public video in the chosen channel.  This includes:

  • Post ID
  • Created time (UTC)
  • Post type
  • Content (text/description)
  • Total likes
  • Total comments
  • Total shares
  • Post URL

Click here to download a sample of YouTube Data.

Bespoke Social Media Data Provision or Analysis

Our research team can help you with bespoke social media data requirements. We can help source and process large data sets and or provide tailored analysis based on your requirements.

These can include:

  • Followers Overlap reports to identify the people who are following two or more accounts of your choice.
  • Leaderboards to track ongoing performance of 10+ chosen accounts
  • Automated monthly updates. We can set up a monthly (or weekly) report for you on any number of accounts that you want to track regularly
  • Follower enhancement. We can help you understand more about your audience by matching them to their accounts on other social channels.
  • Influencer Sourcing – with our database of over 300 million Twitter followers, we can run bespoke searches to find the audience you need to connect with.

Brief our Research Team

If you would like to use BirdSong Analytics for a research project but don’t have time to run the reports and do the analysis, our research team can help.

They regularly work with clients (large and small) to provide answers to questions that they have about how sectors, industries, and competitors are using Twitter.

For example,

We worked with Autotrader to research how car dealerships are using Twitter to create showroom footfall and sales. We also carried out a project for Retail Week to see how B2B publishers were using the platform to drive online readership.

How is BirdSong different for social media data?

BirdSong is the world’s leading ‘Pay as you Go’ social media data platform. We are trusted globally to deliver social data without needing monthly commitments. Our flexibility means we can provide just the data or a fuller analysis solution.

  • Compare your Tweet activity and followers and see how they trend over time.
  • Click on any Tweet to get a detailed view of the number of Retweets, replies, likes, follows or clicks it receives
  • Get detailed insights into who your audience is, especially those who engage with your Tweets
  • Download your Tweet metrics

 Talk to us today about your data requirements.