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From simple follower and following exports to more in-depth audience analysis, biography lookup or tweet analytics, we are your source for Twitter data.

Just pay for the exports you need.

Twitter Data
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BirdSong Analytics is the world’s leading pay as you go social media analytics tool, used by universities, brands, agencies, journalists, publishers, and researchers in 120 countries around the world.

You can use our Twitter Analytics to access, for any public account:

  • Rich account and audience insights
  • Explore 30+ key metrics presented in easy-to-read graphs
  • Twitter data exports of the account’s followers and following
  • Exports of the account’s latest 3.200 tweets

Our Twitter data has been used by the following publications

The Guardian Retail Week Grazia Inc Moz Marketing Land
Twitter Data for any public account

Twitter data for any public account

Run a report for any Twitter account to access & export key data about the account, including full follower data and recent Tweets.

Follower Data

Export data for all Twitter followers

You can use this data to carry out your own analysis of the account's followers. We provide follower name, URL, Bio, no of followers, no of following, location, latest tweet and more.

Pay as you go Twitter Data

Pay as you go

Pay for the data reports as and when you need them. Larger reports with more data cost more and take longer to run. There are no monthly fees, no ongoing commitment and no restrictions on how many accounts you can analyze.

Full Analysis Included

Full Analysis Included

Every report includes analysis of key data points for immediate insights PLUS the full data downloads.

Account Analysis

In your report, you will receive key insights about the account including:

  • Account headline stats
  • Analysis of followers, following, and mutual followers
  • Tweet analysis including activity and engagement metrics
  • PDF download of data and analytics

Tweet Data

In your report, you will receive graphs and analyses from any public account’s most recent 3,200 tweets:

  • Tweet activity
  • Type of tweet (tweet/retweet/reply)
  • Engagement stats
  • Frequently tweeted words (includes hashtags)
  • Best time to tweet

As part of our report, you can export the tweets to CSV.

twitter data

Twitter Follower & Following Data

In your report, you will receive key audience insights including:

  • The date the account was registered on Twitter
  • Total number of followers and following
  • Activity featuring date of the last tweet
  • Follower location
  • The timezone of the follower
  • The language they speak
  • How followers define themselves via they biography

twitter data

Data Exports

You will receive data downloads from the Twitter account for a more in-depth analysis:

  • A data export of all of the account’s followers
  • A data export of the account’s following
  • An export of the account’s last 3,200 tweets

Twitter data can be exported to CSV for review and evaluation in Google Sheets or Excel.

Download a Sample of Twitter Data

Twitter Data from BirdSong Analytics

We provide comprehensive Twitter data focused on an account’s followers, their following and their recent 3,200 tweets.

With BirdSong Twitter Analytics you can access key insights into any public account such as a blogger, brand, business or influential profile.

Explore the following data points:

  • Full follower, following, and mutual follower analytics
  • Data exports of the Twitter followers, following, and mutual followers
  • Tweet analysis of the account latest 3,200 tweet including engagement stats, best time to tweet, and filter top best-performing tweets
  • Data exports of the account’s latest 3,200 tweets

Are we scraping this data? No, we access this data from the approved Twitter APIs. Scraping the data would not provide the depth of data we can access on the approved sources.

Combine Twitter data with our other social media data insights from popular networks to create the ultimate social media dataset. Why not consider:

Use Cases for Twitter Data

Here are some examples of how our customers are already using this information:

  • To find out more about their follower demographics or that of a competitor
  • Review historic tweet data to discover top performing posts and to assess tweet engagement
  • Identify the best time to post based on historic tweet performance and follower activity
  • Gain greater insight into the accounts of rival businesses or brands
  • Analyze the tweets of the competition
  • Download Twitter data to benchmark and save key stats
  • Create tailored audiences for Twitter Ads
  • Identify key influencers who are following the account
  • To create a dataset of relevant Twitter accounts for influencer outreach
  • Find out when are the best times of the week to achieve optimal share of voice

BirdSong Bespoke Data Team

We also offer a bespoke data service where our in-house development team can build and analyze custom datasets for you. These include:

  • Overlap reports identifying users who follow two or more accounts of your choice.
  • Leaderboards to track ongoing growth of 10+ chosen accounts.
  • Automated monthly updates: We can set up monthly (or weekly) reports for you on any number of accounts that you want to track.
  • Follower enhancement: We can help you understand more about your audience by matching them to their accounts on other social channels.

If you would like to use BirdSong Analytics for a research project but don’t have time to access and analyze the data, then our research team can help.

The bespoke team regularly source and interrogate social media data, frequently working with clients (large and small) to provide answers to social data questions.

For example, we worked with Autotrader to research how car dealerships are using Twitter to create showroom footfall and sales. We also carried out a project for Retail Week to see how B2B publishers were using the platform to drive online readership.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with our research team, why not get in touch? Contact our bespoke team to learn more

What does BirdSong Analytics offer over & above Twitter’s own data?

When you register with Twitter and turn on their analytics for your account, you will be able to access some limited but useful metrics about your account and how your tweets resonate with your audience.

For example, you will be able to look at up to your last 3,200 tweets and:

  • Compare your tweet activity and followers and see how they trend over time
  • Click on any tweet to get a detailed view of the number of retweets, replies, likes, follows or clicks it receives
  • Get detailed insights into who your audience is, especially those who engage with your tweets
  • Download your tweet metrics

However, you won’t be able to access this information for accounts that you don’t own or have not been given access to. This is where BirdSong Analytics can help.

With our tool, you can buy reports to look at the Twitter analytics for other accounts and see how they are using the channel. This allows you to research the Twitter statistics for clients, competitors and other public accounts that you are interested in.

About BirdSong Analytics

BirdSong Analytics is trusted by universities, brands, agencies, publishers, researchers, journalists, legal firms, data analysts, SMEs, charities, large corporations and individuals across the world for expert insights and analysis.

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